Southwest Airlines web check-in

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southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines check-in

Southwest Airlines is one of the most reliable airlines who provides their services both for domestic and international. They are one of the major low-cost airlines who operate and provide their services in many destinations across the  U.S and for other international ones too as well.  Apart From this Southwest Airlines Reservations also gives you an many offers on your flight ticket booking. Like any other airline they also provide the services for Southwest Airlines Check In for their passengers and customers to have check-in comfortably without any disturbance or by standing in long queues in the airport where you have the liability to be late and miss your flight due to it. They also provide you with different options of check-in for according to your convenience :

  • Online web check-in
  • Kiosk desk
  • Ticket counter
  • Curbside check-in.

Online web check-in


If check-in at the airport is time consuming and too much of an issue for you. It is much better to opt for an Southwest Airlines Check In online procedure which will be a solution to all of your problems. It is very easy, convenient and comfortable as it can be done from anywhere through any online system within some few minutes. 

You can check-in through their own Southwest Airlines Official Site page.  It is opened to be check-in from maximum 24 hours to minimum 90 mins before the original time of your departure. While checking in through online you can also add your check bags and pay for it. If it is done one can just go to the area for bag drop-off at the airport to place it and go ahead to board at the gate.


Kiosk desk

Online check-in

A kiosk desk is very helpful and easy to access for Southwest Airlines Reservations as they are installed just at the car exit . It saves you more time rather than standing in long queues and waiting for a long time. A kiosk desk is available and installed in most of the U.S airports and other non- U.S for better use.  This machine help you to take your Southwest Airlines Check In without any problem.

 When you check-in through a kiosk desk you can also add for emergency contact no., you can also directly scan your passport and print your boarding pass as well. You can add to pay for your check-in bags too as well and pay for it for both domestic and international travels.

Curbside desk



If you don’t wish to stand in line or avoid all the hassle you also choose the option of curbside check-in. In a Southwest Airlines curbside check-in , one of the in-person will guide you and help you with your check-in , check bags and you can pay for it there as well and also with printing your  boarding pass .  After you pay for your checked bags you can drop them at the ticket counter or either at the bag-drop off.

Ticket counter

curbside check-in

For check-in at the ticket counter it will be wise to leave early and be present at the airport in person for the check-in. There is a drawback for Southwest Airlines Check In at the ticket counter is that the customer or the passenger are needed to wait and stand in long lines and queues . If you are a passenger flying for international travel you are strictly advised to be present at the airport even though your check-in is done through online in order to verify your passport, your luggage to be scanned or checked and also to get your boarding pass. For passengers of international flights , you are required to be there in the airport at least 2 hours prior to the departure of your intended flight . If your arrival is later than the time mentioned above , you will be denied boarding your flight if you arrive less than 60 mins from your scheduled time for departure. Curbside desk check-in is not allowed for passengers who are gonna travel on an international flight.


Contact Details

You can contact and get in touch with any Southwest Airlines Check In representatives in order to help you with your issues and queries.

We’re here 24/7.


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