Allegiant Airlines web check-in

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allegiant airlines web check-in

Allegiant airlines web check-in

Allegiant Airlines which is one of the major carriers and it is the ninth largest airline which is flying for commercial flights in the United States. Their main operating base is at Nevada, Summerlin So the check-in for their airline is pretty simple as you are provided with numerous options to choose from. The options for their web check-in are as follows:


  • Check-in online through their website.
  • Check-in online through their app.
  • Ticket counter check-in at the airport.

Check-in online through their website


In order to check-in online the passenger must go to their official website and find  the section for check-in. After it is done the passenger should put their name and their confirmation number in order to  find their flight to check-in. Once the check-in is done you can opt to check and choose your seat according to your preference for your own comfort. You can also generate and download your boarding pass by entering your confirmation or eTicket number in order to access your reservation. One can also add to check-in their bags and luggage and pay for it online in advance instead of doing so at the airport as the prices are much cheaper online. The passenger can check-in on from 24 hours to minimum 60 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

Check-in through their app

Online web check-in


If you want to check-in through their app , you must download their official app which is the Allegiant app. To check-in through their app with your mobile you can do so by entering your e ticket or your confirmation number in order to find your reservation to check-in. The passenger can also add for their checked bags and luggage to pay for it beforehand to simplify the procedures which are to be done at the airport if not done online. If the check-in and the check-in for bags and luggage is done, they can simply place them at the drop off for bags at the airport. If you would like to avoid the rush at the airport, you can also print your boarding pass at home and directly go ahead with your boarding at the airport. You can check-in from 24 hours prior or before your scheduled departure time.

Ticket counter reservation at the airport.

For those passengers who do not want to check-in online or can’t due to the restrictions must  at the airport ticket counter to check-in yourself as well as to check-in your bag and luggage. At the ticket counter one of the representatives of Allegiant will help you with the unnecessary procedures to print out your boarding pass and also for your payments with your check-in and the payments associated with it. In order to get your boarding pass you are required to be present at the airport ticket-counter and present one of the government issued id along with a photo attached on it in order to identify yourself . The passenger should be present for check-in at the airport  prior to 4 hours from the time of your scheduled departure of your flight.

ticket counter check-in

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