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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways web check-in

Qatar Airways as we can identify from the name that it is an International Airlines of the state of Qatar which stands proudly and boasts of being the youngest airline who provides their service to all the inhabiting six continents globally and also for being one of the world’s fastest Airlines which is growing rapidly. They provide their service to more than 130 destinations everyday globally from its home base which is at Hamad International Airport with a fleet of more than 200 aircraft. Like any premium airlines, Qatar Airways also provides you the ultimate option to check-in through various ways according to their choice and preference of their customers. Some of the ways to check-in are listed below:


  • Online check-in through their website
  • Online check-in through their app
  • Check-in at the ticket counter
  • Kiosk check-in


Online check-in through their website

If a passenger wishes to check-in online, they can visit Qatar Airways Official Site and click at the section for check-in. After it you are required to put in your confirmation number or eTicket and your last name and find your flight and check-in after that. 

It is one of the most convenient ways to check-in and provide facilities for its customers and passengers to check-in in their own office, home and through their own devices such as mobiles, laptops in accordance with their level of comfortability before the time of their scheduled departure. 

Once the check-in is done they will also guide you to help improve your travel experience by providing the option to select the seat that you prefer and add to pay for your luggage and bags. Once it is done you can drop off your bags at the baggage drop off area. 

For your own convenience you can generate and download  your boarding pass and print it at home.


Online check-in through their app

Online web check-in

If you wish to use their mobile app then you are required to download and install the Qatar Airways Reservations app in your own device such as mobile and smartphones. It provides the passengers with the privilege to enjoy check-in which is easy to access their services.

In order to use the mobile app , it requires internet connection by opening their app and clicking on the check-in section. After going to check-in you are required to enter the needed credentials and continue to check-in. One can generate and download their boarding pass and print them at home or they can either scan their downloaded eTicket and scan it at one of the kiosk desks available at the airport.

Check-in at the ticket counter

If you desire to check-in at the counter you are required to be at the airport ticket counter. Once you reach the counter one of the representatives of the Qatar Airways will guide and help you through the check-in.

 After the check-in is done for the passenger, they will guide you to check-in for your carry-on bag and luggage. As the process is completed they will print your boarding pass and it will be done.

Ticket counter check-in

Kiosk check-in

In order to avoid  long lines and queues at the ticket counter and check-in more comfortably and conveniently, the best option provided at the airport is the kiosk self help desk check-in installed at the Airports where Qatar Airways provide their services. If you want to check-in through the kiosk desk. You need to have your passport and eTicket on your mobile in order to enter the credentials and check-in. The passenger can also add to check-in their bag and luggage and pay for it and after it simply drop it at the baggage drop-off area and go ahead with your boarding.

Timing Requirements

For online check-in the timing requirements are such that for flights departing for the US the process for check-in starts from 24 hours prior from the scheduled time of departure. For other destinations the passenger can start their check-in 48 hours prior.


For online check-in at the counter the passengers are requested to be present at the counter for check-in 3 hours prior upto minimum 1 hour prior the scheduled time of departure.

Contact Details.

Contact center number:+1 877 777 2827

Hours of Operation:24 hours a day – 7 days a week

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