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Qatar airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways officially known as Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.Cis a state owned carrier of Qatar. It has it’s headquarter in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha.

It has its base at Hamad International Airport and has scheduled flight in over 150 international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americans, and Oceania.

It is a member of the Oneworld alliance. As of now, the airline is using a fleet of more than 200 aircraft.

Qatar Airways is famous for its quality of service, entertainment including movies, music, games etc., and overall comfort. You get two meals inflight and you can even use phone inflight. You can even make a service request to the airline after booking a reservation.

For instance, you can ask for medical assistance for a young one or an elderly person or a sickly person. It can be anything, the more information you give, the more prepared the airline will be for you regarding your request under their capacity. Qatar Airways has been repeatedly named as the Best Airline in the Middle East. If what you are looking for is a fun, comfortable, often cheap and pleasant flight, Qatar Airways Reservations is for you.

How to make Qatar Airways Reservations

You can book a flight by going to the Qatar Airways Official Site or the app.

Steps to book:

-Choose whether you want round/one way/multi-city trip

-Enter your origin and destination

-Choose the date on which you want to travel

-Add the number of passenger

-Choose the class you want to travel with from the dropdown

-Click on search flight

-Select the price and time from the given option

-After selecting the above, read your fare type policy and the baggage policy

-Click on “book” button next to the flight details you want

-Enter the passenger’s details and make your payment

-You will get a confirmation email of your Qatar Airways Reservations Ticket.

How to Change Qatar Airways Ticket Booking

It is so easy to make changes with Qatar Airways. You just need to go to the Qatar Airways Official Website or app. You also have the option to contact the airline and make the changes directly with them provided that you booked with them before.

-Log in with email and password

-Tap on “Manage Booking”

-Choose the trip you wish to change from the lists of booked flights

-Enter confirmation code and last name

-Retrieve booking

-Make the changes as per your need

-Confirm and save the change and pay change fee or fare difference if any

-You will get a confirmation email or SMS of the change you made

Qatar Airways Change Policy

Everyone, now and then has change of plans and for some unforeseen or unplanned situation sometimes, we are compelled to change flights to suit our needs.

Qatar Airways Reservations allows changes with or without fee.

For those who are flying to/from the US, there is a 24 hours free change policy after booking provided that the booking is done 7 days before departure. Till you fall under this time frame you can make necessary changes as per your need. But once payment is processed and a ticket is issued, standard fare rules will apply.

The standard fare rules imply that you can change dates, time, seats, etc. with a penalty. You will be asked to pay change fee and fare difference if there is any when you make changes. In case your newly changed reservation fare is lesser than your original reservation fare, you will get the remaining value as airline credit or voucher which you can use in your future reservation.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

For passengers who are flying to/from the US, there is a 24 hours free Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy after booking provided that the booking is done 7 days before departure.  It doesn’t not matter whether it is a refundable or non-refundable booking, as long as you fall under the free cancellation time frame, you are entitled for cancelation without any charge. But once payment is processed and a ticket is issued, standard fare rules will apply.

For other regular passengers, this free 24 hours cancelation period applies only when they booked their ticket directly with the airline or through Qatar Airways Official Website and not through a third party. This applies to both refundable and non-refundable Qatar Airways Booking. Till you fall under this time frame you can cancel your flight as per your need. If anyone cancels after and outside this policy, there shall be a cancellation fee.

If the airline delays or cancels your Qatar Airways Reservations for any reason, you will be given an alternative to fly another time and it is up to the traveler to accept or reject that. One can choose to accept compensation instead. However, If you reach your destination 2-4 hours later than the promised time, you shall be given 50% of the compensation.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Carry-on Bags

Carryon bags:

First class-2 bags, 15kg both bags combined

Business class-2 bags, 15kg both bags combined

Economy class-1 bag, 7 kg

The maximum measurement for a carryon bag should be 50cm/37cm/25cm in total including the handles and wheels.

Checked-in Bags
Economy Class

Flights to/from all destinations

Economy classic-25kg

Economy Convenience-30kg

Economy Comfort-35kg

Flights to/from Africa and America

Economy classic-2 pieces, 23 kg each

Economy Convenience-, 23 kg each

Economy Comfort-, 23 kg each

Business Class

Flights to/from all destinations

Business classic-40kg

Business Convenience-40kg

Business Comfort-40kg

Qatar Airways Reservations or Flights to/from Africa and America

Business classic-2 pieces, 32 kg each

Business Convenience-2 pieces, 32 kg each

Business Comfort-2 pieces, 32 kg each

First Class

Qatar Airways Reservations or Flights to/from all destinations-50kg

Flights to/from Africa and America-2 pieces, 32 kg each

In case of any mishandled or missing item, you need to file a report as soon as you can at the Qatar Baggage Service counter at the airport when you land. While our agents track and investigate your bag’s whereabouts, you will be given a file number with which you too can track your bag. Normally, all missing bags are found in 24 hours and once it’s found, it will be sent to your place; home or hotel.

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