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Turkish Airlines

By the name itself, we can know that Turkish Airlines is of the country, Turkey. It is headquartered at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey. Its main base is at Istanbul Airport in Arnavutkoy and the secondary hubs are Ankara Esenboga Airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Whenever you want to travel in domestic and international destination for a trip in middle east then you can Turkish Airlines Reservations anytime.

 It was founded on 20 May 1933 and is still going strong as ever. It is also a member of Star Alliance. Today, it is the largest mainline carrier in the world by number of passenger destinations. It operates scheduled service to 315 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The airline also serves more destinations non-stop from a single airport and flies to 126 countries more than any airline in the whole wide world. Turkish Airlines, with an operation fleet of 24 cargo aircraft serves 82 destinations.

Why Turkish Airlines? Fly with Turkish Airlines because they charge the least amount of taxes on awards among all European airlines. They also allow everyone to carry 2 bags of 50lbs unlike other airlines who give separate baggage allowance based on their cabin/class.  Not to mention their customer service in the airport and inflight, the airline agents are very kind and welcoming.

They have excellent airport lounges and provide inflight good meals, free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, etc. and if you have any service request to be made, you can do so by contacting the airline. The more information you give the more ready the airline will be regarding your request.

How to make Reservations

You can book a flight by going to the Turkish Airlines Official Website or the app.

Steps to book:

-Choose whether you want round/one way/multi-city trip

-Enter your origin and destination

-Choose the date on which you want to travel

-Add the number of passenger

-Choose the class you want to travel with from the dropdown

-Click on search flight

-Select the price and time from the given option

-After selecting the above, read your fare type policy and the baggage policy

-Click on “book” button next to the flight details you want

-Enter the passenger’s details and make your payment

-You will get a confirmation email of your confirmed reservation.

Change Policy

Plans are not always static, they change and moreover, unplanned things can happen and we might be compelled to change our reservation. In times like that Turkish Airlines entertain changes in many ways.

Turkish Airlines Change Policy allows free changes for 24 hours after booking and if the departure is 7 days away regardless of your fare type i.e., refundable or non-refundable. Passengers are allowed to make changes in dates, time, meals, seats etc. provided that it is under 24 hours free change period after reservations.

Passengers cannot change their date on the date of departure and passengers can change date and time only if the route and cabin are the same as the scheduled one. Additionally, the airline policy states that a passenger will not be able to select a seat if they didn’t buy a seat while making your Turkish Airlines Reservations.

Other than that, you can change your date or time with a change fee. The change fee will depend upon your travel route. It is more for international travel and lesser for domestic travel. One has to pay the change fee and fare difference if there is any upgrade in the class or seat. However, if the travel falls between March 31, 2020 and December 31, 2021 there shall be no change fee as per the policy given by the airline.

 If passengers have to make changes due to extenuating circumstances like death in a family, medical issue, judicial order, government order etc., change fee may be waived off provided that the necessary documents in question are given by the passenger.

Passengers who want to change or correct their names can do so free of charge at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. If you miss this time frame, you have to pay the full ticket amount to change the name. And this doesn’t apply to those passengers who have already made their check in. Passengers have to make a name change or correction before they check in.

Additionally, name change service is available only to those passengers who booked their flights through the official website or app. Passengers who bought their flight from a third party would have to contact the same third party to make the change.

How to Change Turkish Airlines Reservations

-Go to the Turkish Airlines Official Website or app

-Log in with email and password

-Tap on “Manage Trip”

-Go to “Find trip” and choose the trip you wish to change

-Make the changes as per your need

-Save the change and pay change fee or fare difference if any

-You will get a confirmation email or SMS of the change you made

How to Cancel Turkish Airlines Reservations

-Go to the airline’s official website or app

-Log in with email and password

-Tap on “Manage Trip”

-Enter the correct passenger’s name and number as asked

-Check flight ticket and read the cancellation and refund policy before you cancel

-Click in “Cancel” button

-Claim refund if eligible

-You will get a confirmation email or SMS.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines provides free cancellation for 24 hours within booking regardless of fare rules. It doesn’t not matter whether it is a refundable or non-refundable booking, as long as you fall under the free cancellation time frame, you are entitled for a cancelation without any charge.

If you cancel after 24 hours after reservations, there will be a cancellation penalty charged to you. And if your reservations is of refundable type, your remaining value of booking will be refunded to you after deducting the cancellation fee.  If a passenger cancels his flight within 1-12 hours of the scheduled departure, approximately 40% of the total fare will be charged as a cancellation fee. If a passenger cancels his flight 12 hours before departure, 20% of his total fare will be charged as cancellation and the rest accordingly will be refunded.

However, if your reservations is of non-refundable type, your value of the reservations will be forfeited and you shall not get a refund. In some cases, you might get a certain amount which is the amount which you paid as taxes.

Passenger’s cancellation fee is not only determined by the fare rule/type but it is also determined by the date of departure, points of departure, routes etc.

If passengers have to make cancellation due to extenuating circumstances like death in a family, medical issue, judicial order, government order etc., change fee may be waived off provided that the necessary documents in question are given by the passenger.

Turkish Airlines Name correction Policy

Sometimes we make mistakes while making reservations and we understand it is totally Unintentional, but we all know the name should match exactly like in the passports.

If the booking is made from a third party company, its unlikely to get help from them.

If the reservation was made on the official website

Go to the website, click on the Feedback menu, and fill up the forms by attaching your passports, they will access and assist accordingly.

There might be a fee for Reissuing the ticket.

These kind of cases are not handled on call on the general customer service line (1 800 874 8875).

The best option and easiest option is to cancel within 24 hours and rebook( if it is more than 24 hours, then ticket rules apply and you might not get refunded the ticket amount)



Well, Personal back story, I made a reservation for three people travelling from Washington (IAD) to Amman, Jordan (AMM) and after everything is confirmed and ticket numbers generated, i found out the the First names and Last names has been interchanged but no spelling mistakes. On the passports the surname is printed first and then followed by the given name and that order should be followed while making any airlines reservations using the GDS. Now it was appearing (FIRST NAME / LASTNAME)  (JOHN DOE) on the GDS which means on the ticket it will be printed (LAST NAME/FIRST NAME) (DOE JOHN) Which seemed correct. But Doe became the first name and john became the last name depending on the reservation. I called the airlines customer helpdesk to help but then i was asked to fill up the customer feedback form explaining the situation and they will review them(Link) I did exactly that back and forth for more that 13 times without any help.

This is an agency booking so we cannot help. After talking to someone, he asked to submit the feedback again from the customer’s side, so we did. But no help whatsoever.

Long story short, The passengers were able to fly without any problems.

Baggage policy

Carry-on Bags

Cabin bag

Economy and Comfort class: 1 bag, 8 kg

Business class: 2 bags, 8 kg each

Infants are allowed to carry 1 bag of 8 kg

It should measure 55cm/40cm/23cm. On top of this, passengers are allowed to carry extra pieces like hand purses, camera, strollers, laptop/tablet, umbrellas etc. In case of any excess in weight and size, there shall be an extra charge.

Checked-in bags Bags

Checked bags

The checked bag allowance differs for domestic and international flights along with its class.

Domestic Flights:


Economy class-20kg

Business class-30kg


Economy class-20kg

Business class-30kg

Passengers from Egypt- 50kg for bot Economy and Business class

Passengers from Norway and Jakarta-30kg for Economy class and 40kg for Business class

Passengers from Turkey and beyond- 30kg for Economy class and 40kg for Business class

Passengers from Ireland-30kg for Economy class and 40kg for Business class

Checked bags must not exceed 158cm/62cm inches in dimensions and anything more than that will be regarded as oversize or overweight and will incur extra charge.

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