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Waimalu Honolulu, Hawaii

With a population of 14,043, Waimalu is a Honolulu suburb. Honolulu County includes Waimalu. Waimalu provides inhabitants with an urban feel, and the majority of locals own their homes. Waimalu is a liberal community with a lot of young professionals. Waimalu’s public schools are above average.

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Summers in Waimalu are hot, sticky, and dry; winters are lengthy and comfortable; and the weather is breezy and mainly clear all year. The temperature normally ranges from 66°F to 86°F throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 60°F or rising over 87°F. From late May to early October is the greatest time to visit Waimalu for hot-weather activities. The most pleasant months in Waimalu are February, March, and January, while August and September are the least pleasant.

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