San Joaquin


The San Joaquins Amtrak train route runs multiple times daily between the San Francisco Bay Area and Bakersfield, California. The route starts in either Oakland or Sacramento and travels through the California Central Valley, stopping in several major cities along the way. The route is approximately 315 miles long and uses a combination of Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway tracks. The travel time from Oakland to Bakersfield is around 6 hours, while the trip from Sacramento to Bakersfield takes around 5.5 hours. The route also offers shorter travel times between Sacramento and Fresno (around 3.5 hours) and Bakersfield and Fresno (around 2 hours).


  1. The northern termini of the San Joaquin route are Oakland and Sacramento.
  2. The southern terminus is Bakersfield, California.

315 miles (Oakland to Bakersfield)

Travel Time
    1. Oakland to Bakersfield: 6 hours
    2. Sacramento to Bakersfield: 5.5 hours
    3. Sacramento to Fresno: 3.5 hours
    4. Bakersfield to Fresno: 2 hours
    1. Oakland (OKJ)
    2. Emeryville (EMY)
    3. Martinez (MTZ)
    4. Stockton (SKT)
    5. Modesto (MOD)
    6. Merced (MER)
    7. Madera (MAD)
    8. Fresno (FNO)
    9. Hanford (HNF)
    10. Corcoran (CRC)
    11. Bakersfield (BFD)

Approximately every 2-3 hours daily in each direction


  1. The steep San Joaquin River watershed and snow-capped peaks of The Minarets.
  2. Vast farmlands, orchards, vineyards, and distant Sierra Nevada mountains.
  3. Yosemite National Park, which is about 1.5 hours away from the Madera or Fresno station by car.
  4. Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, located near the Fresno station.


1-Ride Fares
  1. Full Fare (ages 18-59): $1.50
  2. Discount Fare (seniors 60+, disabled, veterans, Medicare cardholders): $0.75
  3. Student Fare (ages 5-17, college students with ID): $1.50
1-Day Pass
  1. Full Fare: $4.00
  2. Discount Fare: $2.00
  3. Student Fare: $4.00
31-Day Pass
  1. Full Fare: $65.00
  2. Discount Fare: $30.00
  3. Student Fare: $40.00
Commuter Fares (one-way)
  1. Route 150 (Tracy to Dublin BART): $7.00
  2. Route 163 (Stockton to Sacramento): $7.00
Paratransit (one-way)
  1. Full Fare: $3.00
Van Go! (first 5 miles)
  1. Full Fare: $4.00
  2. Discount Fare: $3.00
For offers and discounts visit Amtrak California Everyday Discounts page.
Sometimes for longer distance, there are flights which cost cheaper.
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