Amtrak Capital Corridor


The Amtrak Capitol Corridor route from Auburn to San Jose spans approximately 168 miles (270 km) and takes around 3.25 hours to complete. The route runs primarily along the I-80 and I-880 corridors, connecting major cities and destinations in Northern California.

Capitol Corridor provides a convenient and environmentally friendly transportation option for travel between Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Silicon Valley. It offers a pleasant alternative to driving along congested freeways and provides connections to other transit systems like BART and Caltrain.


Termini: Auburn and San Jose

Stops: 17 stations along the route, including Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento, Davis, Fairfield-Vacaville, Suisun-Fairfield, Martinez, Richmond, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Oakland Coliseum, Hayward, Fremont, Santa Clara, and San Jose.

Distance: 168 miles (270 km)

Average Journey Time: 3.25 hours

Train numbers: 520-553, 720-751



Class: Coach Class only

Disabled Access: Train lower level, all stations

Catering Facilities: Café

Baggage Facilities: Overhead bins, luggage racks


Capital Corridor fares:

One-Way Ticket:

Adult: $25 – $75
Senior/Disabled: $12 – $37
Child (2-12 years): $12 – $37

Round-Trip Ticket:

Adult: $50 – $150
Senior/Disabled: $24 – $74
Child (2-12 years): $24 – $74

10-Ride Ticket:

Adult: $225 – $675
Senior/Disabled: $108 – $333
Child (2-12 years): $108 – $333

Monthly Pass:

Adult: $300 – $900
Senior/Disabled: $150 – $450
Child (2-12 years): $150 – $450

Fares vary by distance and can be higher during peak travel times.
Discounts are available for seniors, disabled passengers, and children.
Group discounts and other special offers may also be available.
Prices are subject to change, so please check the Capitol Corridor website for the most up-to-date information.


Sacramento River Valley

As the Capitol Corridor departs Sacramento, the train travels along the scenic Sacramento River Valley. Passengers can enjoy views of the river, lush green landscapes, and the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Suisun Bay

The route passes along the edge of Suisun Bay, offering views of the tranquil waters and surrounding marshlands. This is a particularly scenic stretch of the journey.

Carquinez Strait

The train crosses the Carquinez Strait, which connects Suisun Bay to San Francisco Bay. Passengers can catch glimpses of the iconic Carquinez Bridge and the surrounding waterfront areas.

San Francisco Bay

As the Capitol Corridor approaches the Bay Area, the train offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Passengers can see the San Francisco skyline, the Bay Bridge, and the East Bay hills in the distance.

Berkeley Hills

The route skirts the base of the Berkeley Hills, providing passengers with panoramic vistas of the East Bay and the San Francisco Bay. This is a particularly scenic stretch of the journey.

Niles Canyon

Between Fremont and San Jose, the train travels through the picturesque Niles Canyon, offering views of the rolling hills, lush vegetation, and Alameda Creek.

Santa Clara Valley

The final stretch of the journey takes passengers through the Santa Clara Valley, also known as Silicon Valley. Passengers can enjoy views of the tech campuses, orchards, and the distant Diablo Range.

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