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Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital and largest city of the Pacific Ocean-bound United States state of Hawaii. Honolulu is Hawaii’s principal international gateway. It is also a major international business, hospitality, banking, and military defense center in both the state and Oceania.

The city is marked by a blend of Asian, Western, and Pacific cultures, which is reflected in its unique population, traditions, and cuisine. Honolulu is a famous tourist destination due to its pleasant tropical temperature, beautiful natural surroundings, and large beaches.

Vacations in Honolulu Hawaii

Top Attractions you should visit while you're in Honolulu Hawaii

What is the best time to visit Honolulu Hawaii

Between mid-April and early June, or between September and mid-December, is the greatest time to visit Oahu. During these shoulder seasons, events are plentiful, less crowded, and airfare and accommodation rates are at their lowest. 

Year-round, average temperatures range from the mid-60s to the high 80s, but rain showers are less frequent from mid-June to August, so travelers rush to the island to enjoy the sunny weather. 

Late December to early April is another popular and expensive season to visit, when surfers flock to the North Shore to catch waves or watch professionals compete in various surfing tournaments.

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