EL AL Airlines Web Check-In

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El Al Airlines web check-in

EL AL Airlines Web Check-In

El Al Airlines as we know it is an Airline of Israel which is commonly referred to as El Al and is the flag bearer of the country of Israel. Starting from the time of its inaugural flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv in September 1948.

The airline has been growing rapidly and they have been serving more than 50 destinations for both international and domestic travels. They also provide the service for cargo flights within Israel, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, the Far East. 

Like many other airlines, the El AL Airlines also provide you the options for different types of check-in . The types of check-in area as follows:

  • Online web check-in
  • Online mobile app check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Ticket counter check-in

Online Web check-in

In order to have an online check-in, one must first go to the official website of El Al Airlines and then search for the option of check-in.

 Once you enter the page for check-in, the passenger needs to have a reservation and its ticket number or either the confirmation number in order to check-in.

 Once the passenger enters all the details they can search for their reservation and then check-in themselves through the option given. After it, they can also add to check-in theory luggage or baggage and pay for it. 

For International Travels the passenger might need to enter the details of their passport for security reasons and purposes. Once all the procedures are over, the passenger can generate and download the boarding pass at the comfort of their home without any hassle or avoid the long lines and queues. 

The time required for your check-in is open from 24 hours to 3 hours prior to the time of your scheduled departure.



Online mobile app check-in

Online web check-in

In order to have your mobile check-in, the passenger needs to have the El Al Airlines mobile app with internet connection. Once the app is downloaded, it is very easy to use as you choose the option for check-in directly in their app. 

 The passenger needs to enter the needed details such as the confirmation or ticket number and their name and continue to find their reservation and go ahead with the check-in.

 Once it is done, they are also given the option to  add for their luggage and pay for it as well in order to avoid check-in at the counter. Your boarding pass can also be generated and get downloaded or either choose the option to be sent to your email or as sms to your personal number too as well.

 For mobile app check- in the timing open for check is 24 hours to 3hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.


Kiosk check-in

Another easy option to check-in yourself is through the self help kiosk-desk which are installed and are readily available at the airport for use by the passengers at the airports which serve EL AL Airlines.

 It is one of the most advantageous ways to check-in to save your time and also avoid the long standing lines at the ticket counter. Kiosk check-in can be done in two ways. 

One can be done by entering the details of your ticket such as the confirmation or reference number and entering them at the display and getting the reservation and continuing to check-in and also add for the baggage.

 If payment is needed and required It should be done beforehand so they can just drop the baggage at the drop off area . 

If one has already checked-in through mobile or web they can simply print their boarding pass by scanning the ticket or any related documents to get their boarding pass and go ahead with their boarding.


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If you have any question before your flight, 

please contact us via whatsapp at +97239771111 

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