The Wailua Homesteads are located immediately north of the Wailua River, in the direction of the mountains. Although there are numerous feeder roads, access is mainly gained via Kuamoo Road. Wailua Homesteads is technically located in the town of Kapaa. Beautiful views of the river, Wailua Forest Reserve, and distant ocean vistas may be found along the river cliff.

The area’s residential neighborhood is made up of several smaller subdivisions that range in size from starter houses to bigger estate mansions and lots. Larger agricultural properties with gentleman farms and huge acreage are also available.

Most popular attractions and things to do in Wailua Homesteads

Best time to visit Wailua Homesteads

Between September and November, or April and June, is the best time to visit Wailua Homesteads because the weather is lovely and flight and accommodation rates are lower. The rainy season, which runs from December to March, doesn’t deter people searching for a winter holiday, but be aware that hotels and flights will be more expensive during this time. If winter is too expensive, consider spring or fall as a compromise: Wailua Homesteads experiences a little drop in costs after the peak season ends and before families leave for summer vacations.

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