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eva airlines

Eva airlines

Evergreen Airways or EVA Airways Corporation is a dedicated passenger and cargo service that operates in over 40 destinations across Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. EVA Air is based in Taiwan and has its main hub at Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan. The Airways was founded in 1989 is an affiliate of the Evergreen Group shipping conglomerate and started its first flight in 1991. The airlines have a total fleet size of about 88 aircrafts and which consists of a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing crafts. The airline was amongst one of the first airlines to introduce the Premium Economy Class of flights that was started back in 1991. Now with more than 30 years of presence in the aviation industry here are some facts and important things to know while flying with EVA Air.

EVA Air is Taiwan’s first private international airline and was announced by Chang Yung-fa
founding company chairman of Evergreen Marine Corporation in 1988. Flights began by
1991 and by the end of the year EVA Air became the first airline to offer a premium
economy class called “Economy Deluxe” on their 747 transpacific flights to Los Angeles.

The name change from Evergreen Airways to EVA Airways Corporation after it was deemed that
the name was too similar to another unrelated airline called Evergreen International cargo
airline. In the 1990s the airline focused on expansion and spread to 22 destinations across
the globe and started carrying over 3 million passengers annually.

It was during this time that they started to venture into the domestic market by acquiring shares in domestic
companies until in 1998 to be merged alongside with 3 airlines.

The airline’s first major fleet haul was experienced in the 2000s and by the 2000s carried 6.2
million passengers by 2007 and in 2010 was named as one pf the top 10 international
airlines by Travel + Leisure. In early 2011 the airline applied to become a member of the Star
Alliance and by 2013 became a full member of Star Alliance.

Eva airlines check-in

Check-Ins for flights can be done 48 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the
flight. If you have printed your boarding pass and do not have any baggage to check in, then
at least arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure and for those who don’t have
printed boarding pass need to reach 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure.
Passengers can also avail online check-in methods which will be available to passengers 48
hours prior to their scheduled flight departure. However, online check-in is not available for
the following fliers.
Passengers that requiring special assistance including medical conditions.
Passengers under 12 years of age traveling unaccompanied.
Passengers traveling with infant(s).
Charter flight passengers and group travel passengers that include more than 10
passengers within one booking.
Passengers with non-confirmed bookings.
Passengers whose booking has not yet been ticketed.
Passengers who are traveling to the USA and hold a paper visa, please check in at the airport counter.
Passengers with an upgrade cannot check in online.

how to get refunds from eva air

EVA Airlines allows passengers to get a refund provided that reservation to/from US are made one week or 168-hours prior and the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the purchase of ticket. Refund Surcharges may be levied by the Govt. or Airport authorities on taxes/fees/charges but all unused portions of the ticket will be fully refunded.

This policy is only applicable on refundable tickets and do not apply to non-refundable tickets.
Refunds will be completed within 7 days for credit card payments and within 20 days for payments made by cash or cheques.


INFANTS: A child who has not reached two years of age and is not occupying a seat can apply for an infant ticket. 

A child who has not reached two years of age and is occupying a seat will have to apply for child fare ticket.

CHILD: A child who is over the age of two but not over 12 is eligible for child tickets. A child must be accompanied by an adult or family member over the age of 16 while travelling.


A No-Show Fees is levied on passengers who have not cancelled their ticket nor showed up
for their flight. The fee is levied reissue or on refund or contact the EVA ticketing office or
Travel Agent to pay the No-Show Fees.


Passengers can earn mileage points for travelling with EVA Air or with any of the 26 Star Alliance airline carriers that can be used to avail Upgrades
pay for tickets, travel coupons, award coupons etc.  
Other perks and privileges include VIP services and facilities, extra baggage allowance etc. whenever you fly with Star Alliance affiliated members. 



HAND BAGGAGE: Hand baggage should
not exceed 23 x 36 x 56cm /9 x 14 x 22in or
a total of 115cm/45in in size and should be
between 7kg/15lb. 
The baggage should be able to fit the overhead
storage compartment and in case of the
baggage being overweight or oversized it will be
 in as cargo or refused.  
Hand baggage’s should not obstruct 
movement of passengers on the isle. 
Hand baggage should fit the overhead 
compartments properly and should be able to 
close without the use of force. 
Do not carry hand baggage on your lap 
Passengers can be liable to pay extra in case
the baggage is overweight or oversized. 


or Carry On should not exceed 40 x 30 x 10cm 
/16 x 12 x 4in or total linear dimensions of
80cm/32in or an item of similar size/ dimension. 
If items exceed this limit it will be considered
as a standard hand baggage.  
The following items should be either stored
in the overhead compartment or under the seat 
and in no manner or form obstruct passage
on the isle: 
a laptop computer in bag 
a purse 
a small backpack 
a briefcase
a camera case 
rain gear (umbrella, raincoat) 
a limited amount of duty-free merchandise 


CHECKED BAGGAGE: Checked in Baggage 
policies differ from country to country and also 
vary for different flight classes, passengers 
are hence advised to read the concerned 
Checked Baggage and Free Checked Baggage
Policies carefully.  


As of August 1st, 2021 EVA Air has changed age, restriction, rules and other details of travelling with pets. Passengers should check properly all rules and regulations properly for their pets to ensure maximum safety and standards.

No pets are allowed for travel in the cabin and have to be checked in baggage in the cargo compartment. Only service dogs for disabled passengers are allowed.
Pregnant animals and animals younger than four months will not be accepted for travel.
Pet Travel requests should be filed at least 48 hours prior to departure.
Passengers are responsible for providing all valid health, vaccination certificates and other documents while travelling with their pets.
In order to ensure safe and smooth handling of pets, passengers are advice to at
least check in at the counter 2.5 to 2 hours prior to the flights scheduled departure.
Some countries have placed embargoes and certain animal breeds are not accepted for travel due to Govt. regulations and airline policies.

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