Airports in New Jersey

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Airports in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state of the United States of America which is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic region. 

Its neighbouring state is New York City from the east and the north whereas it shares its border on the south and southeast with the Atlantic Ocean and on the west it is being surrounded by Pennsylvania and Delaware River, meanwhile it is surrounded by Delaware bay and the state of Delaware on the southwest. 

New Jersey’s state capital is Trenton while the most populous city of the state is New Jersey. The state is also ranked as the 11th most populous state whereas according to the area and land size it is the fifth smallest state of the US. 

Some of the most interesting facts is that the land was first inhabited by the native Americans for nearly 2800 years before the arrival of the Europeans and its discovery of the land which took place in the early 17th century. 

The first colonization of the place was actually by the Swedish and Dutch colonists but was later seized and controlled by the English and gave the name of the region as the province of New Jersey. 

Out of the thirteen colonies who revolted against the rule of the British and their colonization, New Jersey was one of them. Among all the other great things that  New Jersey has to offer, one of them are their airports which are as follows:


  • Newark Liberty International Airport
  • Atlantic City International Airport
  • Trenton-Mercer Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport (IATA:EWR) commonly called Newark International Airport which is an international airport located in between the city of Newark, Essex County and Elizabeth of New County, New Jersey. 

It is being operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Newark is located at the south of Downtown Newark which is 3 miles away and its 9 miles from the west southwest of the vicinity of Manhattan. 

Newark is also one of the major and important airports which is serving the New York metropolitan area other than the two airports which are JFK and LaGuardia Airport.

 According to the reports in 2017, Newark was ranked as the airport which is the sixth busiest according to the international passenger traffic and the fifteenth busiest in the country of the United States of America and the 43rd busiest globally. 

The airport of Newark provides and serves daily with 50 fleets or carriers and they are also the third largest hub for United Airlines. The airport has 3 terminals with 121 gates and 3 concourses for each terminal as A1, A2 and A3 inside the airport and they are as follows:


  • Terminal A
  • Terminal B
  • Terminal C

Terminal A

Terminal A as according to the information given was opened and completed by 1973 and it offers 4 levels including 29 gates which are being operated by EWR Terminal One LLC. 

The terminal only handles Canadian and domestic flights for airlines who provide their services such as American Airlines, American Eagle, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Air Canada Express and Air Canada.

 Most of the flights of Jetblue are being stationed here and take their departure and  arrivals from Terminal A. On the second concourse of this terminal it also has a United Club for use. 

Another additional information is that it is the only terminal which does not facilitate immigration and due to this purpose no flights are being entertained for arrival at this terminal with the only exception of countries who have already got clearance ahead from the US customs department.

Terminal B

Terminal B was likewise completed in 1973 as of Terminal A and it also offers 4 levels including 24 gates. It is the only terminal which is dedicated to passengers and is directly handling the operations by the Port Authority.

 It is the terminal which handles the most of arrivals for international flights of JetBlue and carriers from foreign countries and also for other flights such as Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Elite Airways, Sun Country, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection and some International flights of United as well.

 Shops and gates are located on the first floor of Terminal B. It’s international arrival lounge is located on the second floor of Terminal B.

Terminal C

Terminal C, unlike the other two terminals, was completed by 1988 including 41 gates, 3 levels and was being designed by the famous Grad Associates. 

This terminal is dedicated and is put to use exclusively for United Airlines and its domestic and regional carrier which is known as United Express as their global hub. 

The terminal offers two levels for ticketing which are one for international and the other one being for domestic check-in purposes. 

The exception for Terminal C is that it operates with a number of gates which are able to handle the aircrafts which are of narrow and wide body.

Means of Transportation

There are different ways to access the Newark Liberty International Airport and through different types and modes of transport and they are as follows:

  • In order to get to Newark one can use the one way system of train called the AirTrain Newark which connects directly to the airport which serves the stations and transits such as North Jersey Coast Line and Northeast Corridor Line which connect other stations such as Secaucus Junction, Secaucus Junction and Newark Penn Station.
  • The bus routes are also available to access the airport such as the NJT buses which provide their services locally which heads towards the north to areas such as Downtown Newark, Newark Penn Station, Irvington, Newark Broad Street Station, Bloomfield Station by Go Bus 28.
  • By road one can use taxis, share cabs, limousine services and also your own car in order to access the Newark airport.
Newark Liberty International Airport
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