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Lufthansa Airlines

One of the most reliable and cost-efficient airlines known today is Lufthansa Airlines. It is German’s largest airline and when combined with its subordinates it is recognized as the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. It is the world’s fifth largest airline in terms of passengers carried. Its fleet size is 276. It operates flight service to 209 destinations in 81 countries across the world. If anyone wants to fly in Europe then Lufthansa Airlines Reservations is the best cost-effective option for all passengers.

Lufthansa is an ally to the largest airline alliance of the world known as Star Alliance. Star Alliance consists of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Brussels Airline and Eurowings. Additionally, Lufthansa owns several aviation-related companies and all of them together are called the Lufthansa Group.

Lufthansa has its registered office and headquarter at Cologne and has its main operation base in Frankfurt Airport. Its secondary operation center is at Munich Airport.

Lufthansa is well known for its top notch service inflight and in airport. Its airport features excellent lounges, free Wi-Fi in airport and inflight, seat back TVs, amazing cuisines and beverages, etc. inflight. If there is any service request to be made, the airline is always willing to listen to it and make arrangements accordingly. The more information you provide, the more prepared the airline will be for your request. So make your Lufthansa Airlines Reservations online and enjoy your journey with family.

How to make Lufthansa Airlines Reservations

To book a flight, you can go to the airline’s app or the Lufthansa Airlines Official Website. For any reason if you are not able to book it online, you can call on this number for a reservation 8006634872.

Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa airlines offer 24 hours free cancellation time on the same day of booking to passengers provided that it is 7 days or more before departure. In this case, there will be a refund made to you regardless of your fare type i.e., refundable or non-refundable.

If a passenger cancels a ticket for extenuating circumstances like death in the family, medical issue, judicial orders, government orders, military orders, passport issues etc. there shall be no cancellation fee charges in Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy on passanger.

If for some reasons like weather, military/government strikes, etc. the airline cancels your Lufthansa Airlines Reservations, you shall be compensated. To get the compensation, you shall email the airline and the airline will compensate you with the value in 20 business days.

If passengers cancel their refundable reservations after 24 hours of booking, refund will be made after charging cancellation fee. But if passengers cancel their non-refundable reservations after 24 hours of booking, refund will not be made to you and your whole ticket fare will be forfeited by the airline.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

Lufthansa Airlines gives a free baggage policy based on the ticket type you buy.

Baggage fare for intercontinental flights-

-Economy class: 1 bag of 23 kg

-Economy classic and Flex: 2 bags, 23 kg each

-Business class: 2 bags, 32 g each

-First class: 3 bags, 32 kg each

lufthansa baggage allowance

Baggage Policy for European Flights

-Economy class: 1 carry-on, 8 kg

-Economy classic and Flex: 1 carry-on 8 kg/ 1 checked bag, 23 kg

-Business class: 2 carry-on, 8 kg each/ 2 checked bag 32 kg each

Anything more than the given weight and size will be regarded as overweight or oversized and there shall be flat extra charge for it so check it at the time of booking Lufthansa Airlines Reservations for your journey.

Regardless of what class you booked (Except Economy Light fare), irrespective of the route and miles, babies of 0-2 years old are entitled to carry an item of baggage measuring 158 cm (width+height+depth) and weighing 23 kg.  

How to claim lost/damaged/delayed bags:

To report a missing bag, you need to go to the nearest Lufthansa information or baggage desk upon arrival.

-There, you shall provide your name, contact details and description of the missing bag, as well as the reservation number of the bag given to you when you get your bag checked.

-Lufthansa Airline’s agent will give you a file reference number and other written confirmation.

-Keep that safe to check the status of your delayed or missing bag by calling the Lufthansa baggage center or online in this link


-If the airline has not found your bag in 5 days, you can write down the content in your bags and submit it to Lufthansa for more effective search.

-Give Lufthansa your address to which they can send or deliver your bag upon recovery.

Baggage Policy for European Flights

Miles and More

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program is known as Miles and More. The airline miles that you earn at the time of booking Lufthansa Airlines Reservations are known as Lufthansa miles. By having this, you can fly Lufthansa and its Star Alliance airline.

You can earn three different kinds of miles in “Miles and More”:

1)    Award Miles – for award flights and it is valid for 36 months.

Award Miles remain valid for so long as one maintain the elite status,

Frequent travellers a.k.a. lowest elite,

Senators’ a.k.a. mid-tier elite,

HON Circle Members a.k.a. highest elite,

JetFriends, those who are under 18 years

2)    Status Miles – Here, every status mile is counted as an award mile. It determines your Frequent Traveller and Senator status counted in a calendar year in which they are credited.

lufthansa credit card

3)    HON Circle Miles – These miles count towards achieving HON Circle Status and they are counted over two successive years.

Lufthansa miles are earn in many ways but the two main ways are-

-to fly Lufthansa Airlines Reservations or its partner airline flights, and

-to earn with Lufthansa’s hotel, travel, and car rental partners.

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