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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest low-cost carriers which are well trusted for its service and pricing in places it flies. Spirit Airlines has been in the market since the early 1960S. It started from Maycomb County, Michigan, and is now headquartered in Miramar, Florida. Every day a huge number of passengers book their Spirit Airlines Reservations to travel in America’s different states. It flies in the United States, Caribbean island and Latin America and has its main base/hub in many places including,

-Atlantic city

– Chicago – O’Hare

– Dallas Fort Worth

– Detroit

– Fort Lauderdale

-Las vegas


Spirit Airlines Change Policy

Passengers are allows to making the changes in their Spirit Airlines Reservations for free at all times within 24 hours of your booking with at least 7 days before departure. Sometimes, the airline for previously unseen situations may have to change your scheduled date of departure or arrival but in this case, there shall be no change fee imposed at all.

For any death in a family or any extenuating circumstances, there shall be no change fee provided that proper documents asked are given.

Also, you can change your fight anytime without a fee if you book a flexible ticket directly with the airline and not through third parties.  

However, any changes made after 24 hours of booking will incur you a change fee depending on your ticket fare type and timing.

How to Change Spirit Airlines Reservations

-Go to the Spirit Airlines Official Website or log in your account on app

-Go to “My Trips”

-Enter your confirmation code along with your name

-Click on continue

-Make changes as per your need

-Save or submit your changes

-Get confirmation email or message.

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Reservations

-Go to the Spirit Airlines Official Site or app.

-Open “My Trips”

-Enter your name and confirmation code

-Click on the cancel button

-Choose the reason for cancel from the dropdown

-Request for a refund wherein you will see the breakdown of fare

-You shall get a cancellation confirmation email or message after this.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

In order to provide a low flight fare for everyone, Spirit Airlines Baggage fee charges except for your personal items. Any other personal items, carry-on and checked bags are charged a fee.

Personal items must measure not more than 18/14/8 inches including handles and wheels.

Carry-on bags must measure not more than 22/18/10 inches including handles and wheels.

Checked bags must measure a maximum 62 linear inches and weigh not more than 18.1 kilos and anything above that will have an additional charge.

If you have any mishandled bags and any lost items, you can create an incident report.

For domestic travelers, you shall do so in 4 hours of your incident.

For international travelers with a damaged bag incident, you shall report in 7 days. But if it’s lost and delayed items, you shall claim a report in 21 days.

Complaints and Report

-Go to www.spirit.com/bagclaim

-Enter your file ID and last name

-Click on “Create Online Claim”

-Make your claim as per your need with necessary documents asked there

– Submit.

Memberships and Perks

Spirit Airlines is constantly working for better service and experience. In doing so, it has launched programs and is launching more programs and rewards now and then to give the best possible experience flying with them. If you are curious of what programs they have that help you to save your money. Here are some that you need to know before booking your Spirit Airlines Reservations for a trip.

Points Pooling

New Free Spirit

Here, passengers earn a maximum of 6 points for every dollar spent on fare and at least 12 points for every dollar spent on buying seats and bags. You can save these points and redeem them in booking a flight in the future. It is available for everyone and there is no blackout date exception to earn this.

Points Pooling

Here, eligible members can pool points together with up to 8 people, friends or family to earn a reward flight faster.  

Status Tiers

There are two tiers namely, Silver and Gold status.

Passengers can earn Status Qualifying Points (SQPs) on every dollar spent. For those who have Spirit Airline Credit Cards, every 10$ credit will earn them 1 SQP.

To get to the silver status, one needs 2,000 SQPs, which is equal to 2000$ spent with Spirit Airlines or equal to 20,000 airline credit or combination of the two.

Members with silver status get:

-8 points per dollar spent on the fare and 16 points per dollar spent on ancillary options.

-Free shortcut security when available.

-Free general seat selection 24 hours before departure and exit row seat 3 hours before departure.

-To create Points Pool with friends or family

-No fees for redeeming reward

Spirit Airlines Deals and offers

To get Gold status, one has to earn 5,000 SQPs which is equal to $5,000 spent on the fare or $50,000 of airline credit or a combination of both.

Members with Gold status get:

-10 points for every dollar spent on the fare and 20 points per dollar spent on ancillary options.

-Free carryon bag and 1st check-in bag

-Priority boarding

-Free standard seat selection including the exit row at the time of Spirit Airlines Reservations booking.

-One-time free change 24 hours before departure

-Free beverage and snacks in flight.

Contact Details

Toll-Free at 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555)

You can text at 48763, or use 855-728-3555 on WhatsApp

24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

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