American Airlines web check-in

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American Airlines web check-in

American Airlines is one of the biggest American Airlines which operates in many major cities and throughout the U.S for both international and domestic travels. American Airlines tries to provide top services to all its passengers and does not compromise in its quality of services. One of their services is web check-in. Their requirements for check-in and timing are different for each airline and so does for American Airlines too as well. Like other airlines there are different options for check-in for American Airlines and they are as follows:


  • Online check-in.
  • Check-in through the American airlines app.
  • Kiosk self-help desk check-in.
  • Curbside check-in.
  • Ticket counter check-in.


Ways to check-in.

Check-in online or through their app.


It is one of the most easy and convenient ways to check-in without any long queues and hassle of waiting. In order to check-in online you can do it through two ways . 

  • One is through their official website under check -in. Under the options given after it you can select the check-in online section and can do so after following the procedure by entering your first and last name, your destined location. 
  • Another is by simply typing your ticket confirmation number after which you can click on find your trips . Through it the passenger can check-in online and pay for your check-bags . 
  • Your check-in time starts from 24 hours maximum upto 90 mins minimum for international flights and for domestic flights the maximum time from which you can begin your check-in is from 24 hours and upto 45 mins minimum for both before the time of your scheduled departure. 
  • One can also track the delays in schedules and any updates or information regarding your flight. 
  • Two are through their own app for American Airlines. One can download the American Airlines app from the google play store or app store and use it on a go to manage everything related to your travels such as booking, check-in , change and update of your seats or pay for your check-bags during your check-in.
Online check-in

Check-in through kiosk

Kiosk self-help desk is a very convenient and easy way to check-in. Kiosks are available at almost every American Airlines airport for access to all. If one is checking in through a kiosk you can add your bags to check-in and pay for your check-bags before and simply place it at the drop- off for bags or the baggage counter. 

Once you check in at a kiosk desk you can also print your boarding pass and get directly at the gate to do your boarding.


Another latest update for the kiosk desk is that one can go touchless while using it for your own safety measures and purposes with the prevailing situation. You can download their app or check-in online by adding your bags for check-in and pay for it.

 You can find a kiosk desk which offers you touchless check-in and print your boarding pass and bags tags automatically by scanning your mobile or boarding pass. After it is done you can put your bag tags and drop your bag at the area for bag drop or hand them in-person.


Kiosk desk

Check-in at curbside.

Curbside check-in can be done at the airport which is also another convenient way for check-in by using your e-ticket to get your boarding pass, arrangement for your seat and also for your bag check-in. 

There are no charges liable for using a curbside desk . When the passenger is at the airport , you are required to have a personal id or either name and confirmation number, flight number, destination, e-ticket number. After it is done, you can get your boarding pass and be on your way.


Airport curbside desk

Check-in at the ticket counter.

If you wish to check- in at a ticket counter you are required to present 3 hours prior to your departure time at the airport. You can go to any ticket counter for American Airlines at the airport  and get your check-in for bags, boarding pass and any help with any other issues with the agents who are at the counter. For domestic travels the minimum time for check-in is 45 mins and for international travels it is 60 mins.


Contact information.


For any queries, issues or complaints you can visit their official website and find more information of the contact details for various languages at : or either contact the number provided below.

800-433-7300 for the U.S and Canada.

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