ELAL Airlines

EI AI officially known as EI AI Israel Airlines Ltd. is founded in 1948. It is regarded as the flag carrier of Israel based on Ben Gurion Airport. Its first flight in September 1948 was taken place from Geneva to Tel Aviv and now it has a huge operation in the domestic and international sphere. It flies across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Australia and The Far East and within Israel. For  ElaL Airlines reservations, go to the official website

To be very specific, EI AI operates with a fleet size of 49 and has 42 destinations. It has a codeshare agreement with several airlines which are:

Aerolíneas Argentinas , Aeroméxico, Air China,  Air Serbia,  Alaska Airlines,  American Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air Hong Kong Airlines, Iberia,  jetBlue,  Kenya Airways, LATAM, Brasil, LOT Polish Airlines, Qantas, S7 Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Air Portugal, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines.

As roughly mentioned before, EI AI serves across a number of continents in many cities as its destinations which includes:

Middle East- Saudi Arabia

Africa- Johannesburg, and Zanzibar.


North America -New York–JFK, Newark, Toronto–Pearson, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, and San Francisco

Asia- Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi, Mumbai, Beijing–Capital, Hong Kong, and Tokyo–Narita

To talk of something unique about EI AI, we can mention that EI AI has been playing a huge humanitarian role. It airlifted many mistreated or stranded Jews to Israel from different countries. El Al is also regarded as the only commercial airline to have a missile defense for its protection against missiles and is therefore regarded as one of the safest/secure airlines in the world.

El Al gives only Kosher meals inflight which are only meals that are allowed to eat according to Jewish law and also it doesn’t operate on Jewish Sabbath and Jewish religious holidays.


EI AI is famous for its quality of service, entertainment including movies, music, games, lounges, meals, etc., and overall comfort. You can even make a service request to the airline after booking a reservation. For instance, you can ask for medical assistance for a young one or an elderly person, or a sickly person. It can be anything, the more information you give, the more prepared the airline will be for you regarding your request under their capacity.

ELAL Airlines Infant Policy

If you are traveling with an infant, you need to contact the airline while or after your Elal Airlines Reservations to make a request. Only one infant is allowed to be carried on the lap of an adult.

If one adult passenger is to have two infants, you need to book one extra seat with a proper holder for the infant. Please keep in mind that any person who is 2 years and above has to book a ticket. Please do remember to bring a certificate to prove the age of the infant.

Hawaiian Airlines Infant and unaccompanied minor service policy and fees

ELAL Airlines UMNR(unaccompanied minor service) Policy

Minors who are under 12 years of age travel alone now and then and at times like that the airline provides service to accompany the minor, making sure that he/she is traveling safe and sound without an adult. Such service is compulsory to be given to children aged 5-12 who are traveling without a person who is at least 16 years old.

For those unaccompanied minors, the service costs 75 USD per flight segment. For any continuing flight is 95 USD.

The unaccompanied minors should be dropped at the departing airport and should be attended till her/his flight takes off. And the minor should have the information like phone number, address, full name, etc. of the person who is going to pick him/her up upon arriving.


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How to Book Flights with ELAL Airlines

Steps to book:

-Go to the official website or the app for Elal Airlines Reservations 

-Choose whether you want a round/one way/multi-city trip

-Enter your origin and destination

-Choose the date of travel

-Add the number of passengers

-Choose the class you want to travel with from the dropdown

-Click on search flight

-Select the price and time from the given option

-After selecting the above, read your fare type policy and the baggage policy

-Click on “book” button next to the flight details you want

-Enter the passenger’s details and make your payment

-You will get a confirmation email of your booking.

ELAL Airlines Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel their ticket within 14 days of booking and 7 days or more before departure. If you can follow this rule, you will be charged only 5% of what you paid originally for your reservation or NIS 100 whichever is cheaper.

  1. If the airline delays or cancels your flight for any reason, you will be given an alternative to fly another time and it is up to the traveler to accept or reject that. One can choose to cancel with no cost and get compensation for it instead.
  2.  Do keep in mind that this transaction rule will apply only if you book it with the service center and only if you book it on their official website. If you make your reservation with a third party you will have to cancel according to the ticket rules. Additionally, it is to be informed that only solely unused tickets will be eligible for free cancellation and not if you have a partially used ticket. You may be refunded the amount you paid for your flight excluding the service handling charge.

Passengers who are senior citizens and who are differently-abled are requested to contact the airline to make a cancellation and the airline will do what they can to cancel it for you in your best interest.

  1. All other tickets will be canceled depending on their fare rules or ticket. 
  2.  Passengers are allowed to make a cancellation with an airline credit because of the COVID 19 pandemic. The credit amount will be equal to the amount you paid for your ticket, for instance, you previously booked a ticket with NIS 555, upon canceling, you will get an airline credit worth NIS 555. If you haven’t used the credit or you don’t plan to travel, you can convert the credit into a refund 21 days before it expires. And airline credit is valid for a year from the issuance date.

How to Cancel ELAL Airlines Reservation

Steps to cancel:

You can cancel your reservation on the airline’s official website, app, airline  or through a third party

-Log in and go to “My Trip”/”My Booking”

-Select the booking you want to cancel 

-Press on cancellation

-Confirm the cancellation from the pop–up message by clicking “Yes”

-After your trip is canceled, claim your refund if eligible

If you are eligible for a refund, you will be refunded in few business days on the account with which you paid for the booking.

ELAL Airlines Pet Policy

Pet animals are allowed to be carried provided that an inoculations record and a certificate is given by Veterinary Services Department within the Ministry of Agriculture as safe and healthy to travel in flight are carried. It should also adhere to the pet or animal regulations rules of the places where one is traveling.

You need to carry the permit in order for your pet to be able to check-in. It will not be able to board a flight if you don’t have the permit. To get the permit, you need to contact 03-9792240 or email vs-airport@moagov.il .

All pet animals will be flown as registered freight to the state of Israel. It is up to the Veterinary Services Department within the Ministry of Agriculture to decide what animal and how it will be flown. Pets should be carried in a carrier that is appropriate for the size and weight of that particular pet to give enough space for the pet to stand, sit and lay down in comfort.

If you are taking a pet, you should inform the airline earlier than 48 hours before departure and make your payment accordingly.

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ELAL Airlines Baggage Policy

Elal Airlines Carry-on Baggage

-Economy class- 1 piece carryon bag, 8kg, 56/45/25cm

-Economy Plus- 1 piece carryon bag, 8kg, 56/45/25cm

-Business class- 1 piece carryon bag, 16kg, 1 personal item 4kg, 56/45/25cm

-First class- 1 piece carryon bag, 16kg, 1 personal item 8kg, 56/45/25cm

Elal Airlines Checked-in Baggage

-UP Basic- NA

-UP Flexi and UP Smart- 1 piece, 23 kg,158 cm

-Economy- 1 piece, 23 kg,158 cm

-Premium- 2 pieces, 23 kg each,158 cm

-Business class- 2 pieces, 32 kg each,158 cm

-First class- 3 pieces, 32 kg each,158 cm

Anything bigger than this will be regarded as oversized and anything heavier than this will be regarded as overweight and therefore incur a penalty.