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Avianca Airlines web check-in


Avianca Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world and is an airline of Colombia and also the flag bearer of Colombia. It was registered with the name SCADTA from 1919. 

Its main base is located at Bogotá, D.C while its main hub is located at El Dorado International Airport. One of the most interesting facts about Avianca is that it is the largest airline which is operating in Colombia.  

Most of the destinations are being served by Avianca and its code shared airlines are mainly based in Latin America. Avianca is also a member of Star Alliance. As many other airlines Avianca  also offers different ways to check-in as follows:

  • Online check-in through the web
  • Online check-in through mobile app
  • Kiosk desk 
  • Ticket counter

Online check-in through web


Checking in online is a much preferred option by many as it is easier and less of a hassle than standing in long lines and queues at the airport ticket counter.

 Passengers can check-in online through the web by logging in to the official website of Avianca Airlines and tap the option for check-in. 

After which the passenger is required to put in the details in order to find their reservation such as confirmation or reference id number and continue with their process for check-in.

 Once the passenger has completed it, they can make changes or upgrade their seats  to their preferred ones. They can also add to check-in their baggage as well and pay for it before.

 Then, they can go ahead and generate their boarding pass and download it and send it to their email, phone through sms or print out a copy of it. The timeline for check-in is open from 24 to 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.

Online check-in through mobile app

Another way to check-in comfortably at the comfort of your home or anywhere else is through the mobile app.

 To check-in through the app, the passenger needs to download the Avianca Airlines App which is available in both android and IOS. 

After downloading it, the passenger can log in to put in the required details for check-in such as their confirmation or reference id  number and continue with their check-in.

 They can also add to check-in their baggage and pay for it in advance and simply drop them at the area for drop off later at the airport. 

The boarding pass can be generated directly as an E Ticket which doesn’t even require printing and can be shown at the airport staff for confirmation and go ahead with the boarding without any hurdle.

The timeline for web check-in is open from 24 to 3 hours before the time of the scheduled departure.

Kiosk desk

Online check-in

Kiosk desks are one of the best ways to avoid the long lines at the ticket counter to check-in through the kiosk desk which is right at the entrance of the airport which is easily accessible to all.

 You can get your check-in done and to check-in your baggage as well. After which the passenger can either print or scan the passport or Eticket to get their boarding pass printed directly and go ahead with their boarding easily. 

The timeline for check-in at the kiosk desk is 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.

Contact Details.

Toll Free


60 018000-953-434

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