Volaris Airlines web check-in

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Volaris Airlines web check-in

Volaris Airlines web check-in

Volaris Airlines is one of the most popular Mexican Airlines which is of premium class but at the same time they are affordable as they are a low-cost airline and so they are preferred by most of the passengers as an alternative. One of the main advantages of Volaris is that you can make reservations in a very easy manner and the other thing is that one can cancel the reservation any time in need according to the circumstances and also change the destinations. Like most of the major airlines they also give you various options to check-in through the web and also online. Some of the ways to check-in are as follows:

  • Web check-in
  • Check-in through the app
  • Check-in through the ticket counter

Volaris Airlines web check-in

In order to have a web check-in, one must visit the Volaris Airlines Official Website of and click on the check-in section. The passenger needs to have an E Ticket number or confirmation no. In order to check-in through the web. After entering the E ticket or confirmation number and last name, you can search for your flight to check-in . 

While you are checking in, you can also add to check-in your bags and carry-on as well and pay for it so that one can simply drop it at the bag drop off at the airport and board your flight on time without any hindrance. After it you can see the availability of the seats and choose one according to your preference.

 One can generate the boarding pass and download instead of doing so at the airport where it is required to pay. The timing requirement of check-in for domestic flights is open from 72 hours maximum to minimum 1 hour before the time of your scheduled departure. 

For international flights the passengers are allowed to check-in from 24 hours maximum to 1 hour before the time of your scheduled departure.


Check-in through the app

Online web check-in


If you want to check-in through the app, the passenger must download the app for volaris airlines on their mobile and install it. 

After that you can go directly to the app and select the option for check-in. Under it the passenger needs to enter the details of their e ticket or confirmation number. Search for your flight after that and then click on continue ,your required details and information will be available .

 The passenger can add for check-in carry-on and bags to pay for it in advance to avoid the inconvenience at the airport later and to save time. You can also generate and download your boarding pass .

Check-in at the ticket counter.

If you desire to check-in at the ticket counter the passenger is required to be present at the counter two hours prior from the scheduled time of departure for domestic flights unlike online check-in which allows you to check-in 24 hours to minimum 2 hours in advance. 

At the ticket counter the Volaris airlines representative will help to check- in yourself and your carry-on and bag too as well. You can also print your boarding pass through them with a chargeable amount of 10$ for it. 

In case of change of alternative flights and seat arrangement , you can discuss your concern with them and they will guide you through it.

Contact Details

ticket counter check-in

WhatsApp number: +52 55 5898 8599


Phone numbers: Mexico +52 (55) 1102 8000, the United States +11 855 VOLARIS (8652747), Guatemala +502 2301 3939, Costa Rica +506 4002 7462, El Salvador +503 2504 5540, Colombia +57 1744 3272, Honduras +504 2202 7900 and TTY- +1 (855) 425-2002.

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