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Korean Air

Korean Air is a 5-Star International Airline, headquartered at Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu,  Seoul in South Korea. It flies to 126 destinations in 45 countries. It is placed within the top 20 airlines in the world. Korean Air prioritizes passengers’ safety and comfort both in the air and on the ground.

Korean Air History

The government of the Republic of Korea in 1962 took over the Korean National Airlines, which was established in 1946 by renaming it as Korean Air. Korean Air came into its soulful existence when Hanjin Group on 1 March 1969 acquired the state-owned airline.

Korean Air Routes and Destinations

Korean Air flies to 12 domestic destinations and almost 150 international destinations in fifty countries on 6 continents. It has a codeshare agreement with 37 airlines.

 Domestic travels are functioning with no restriction. However, flights from abroad are cautioned not to board domestic connecting flights (i.e., to Jeju or Busan) without completing the quarantine timeline given by the government.

Korean Air Fleet

A fleet of the latest Boeing and Airbus aircraft are operated by Korean Air which is maintained by industry-leading engineers and mechanical experts to make sure of the competency of the engines. The fleet size of Korean Air is 159.

Korean Air Baggage Policy

Check-in baggage

a)      Category 1: Adult passenger paying First class fare and Prestige fare

* Will receive free baggage allowance of three pieces.

* The weight of each piece shall not exceed  32 kilograms (70 pounds).

* The sum of dimensions of the three pieces shall not surpass 158 centimeters (62 inches).

b)Category 2: Adult passenger paying Economy class fare

* Will receive a free baggage allowance of two pieces.

* The weight of each piece shall not exceed 23 kilograms(50pound).

* The sum of dimensions of the two pieces shall not be more than 158 centimeters (62 inches).

air france baggage

Korean Air Infant Policy

If 75% or more of the pertinent adult fare are paid by children, they shall receive free baggage allowance on the basis as adult passenger.

·         One fully foldable stroller, an infant’s carrying basket or children’s car seat is permitted to bring in-cabin if it meets the size onboard.

·         Infants who are not entitled to a seat will be permissible of one piece of checked-in baggage, its weight not exceeding 10 kilograms, and the sum dimensions not exceeding 115 centimeters (45 inches).

Hawaiian Airlines Infant and unaccompanied minor service policy and fees

Korean Air Unaccompanied Minor service


(5-12 years of age on domestic travels and 12-17 of age may also, be included on international flights)

Get in touch with the Korean Air reservation center 24 hours before the flight departure time for the booking of this service. Parent/guardian’s proper identity and contact number is required to be provided for both the arrival and the arrival destinations.  It is also to be noted that the child must be able to carry the hand luggage without assistance. The child’s baggage allowance corresponds to his/her cabin.

Korean Air Unaccompanied Minor service Drop-off and pickup

The child is needed to be guided by an adult both during departure and arrival. The accompanying adult helps in checking in of the child and fills out a service form on the child’s behalf. 

The Unaccompanied Minor will be handed to the staff’s care and will be attended until the arrival.  Unaccompanied Minor badge will be attached to the child (this is to make sure the Korean Air staff recognizes them until the arrival of the destination). 

The staff will accompany the children through customs, immigration, and security check to the departure gate. On arriving at the destination, Korean Air’s staff will guide the Unaccompanied Minor until the time he/she meets an adult guardian. 

The service is offered to passengers within 6-hour transit to other Korean Air flights. This service is not served to those passengers that transfers to another airline.

Korean Air Pet Policy

Carriage of pets will be accepted with the advance agreement subjected to rules and  regulations of Korean Airline (KAL), considering the condition or age of the pet  and type of aircraft or flight time. 

• Pets should be put in proper container, with valid health and vaccination  certificates, entry permits, and any other documents as per the requirement of the state  or country to be flown into. 

• In addition to the free baggage allowance, service animals assisting a passenger  with a disability will be carried free of charge. Other than a service animal, an additional  applicable rate shall be applied. 

• The passenger should take full responsibility for their pet animal.  

• The airline shall not be liable for- 

 Injury, loss, delay, sickness, or death of such animal. 

 In the event that it is not having all the necessary exit, entry, health, and  other documents with respect to the animal’s entry into or passage through  any country, state or territory. 

 The passenger carrying the animal must reimburse the airline for any costs,  fines, losses, or liabilities reasonably imposed by KAL as a result.


allegiant pet policy

Korean Air Cancellation and Refunds

• Korean Air may sometimes without prior notification, terminate, postpone, cancel, change, or delay any flight in case of unavoidable circumstances.

• The passenger’s flight has to be canceled in case he/she refuses to pay the fare or to pay any required charge; after having done so, the passenger will be refunded for the flight price and that of the baggage.

• The refund request should only be made until the ticket is valid or EMD.  

• Passengers requesting for refund must hand over to Korean Air all unused flight coupon(s) of the  ticket except Electronic Ticket.  

• The refundable amount will be refunded to the person whose name is on the ticket or EMD.

Korean Air Change Policy

Korean Air change policy:

·         Korean Air allows changes regarding flight date, time, class of service, and the travel destination.

·         Passengers are permitted to make name corrections on the ticket. Tickets are not permitted to be transferred to a whole new passenger. In such a case, the passenger needs to make a new booking.

·         Korean Air charges a change fee as well as fare difference, if applicable. 

·         Korean Air change policy is for all ticket types, award tickets, class of service consolidated as well as published fares. 

·       As per the Korean Air schedule change policy, no change fee or fare difference would be applicable if a passenger has been informed of the scheduled flight within         14 days of scheduled departure. 

·         If the ticket was booked through a third-party travel agency, online or offline, passengers would be charged a service fee of 35 USD for the changes made.

·         No Korean Air change fee would be applicable within 24 hours of booking. 

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