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Ethiopian Airlines


Where are my coffee lovers at? What about archaeological history? Ethiopia is known for its coffee, as that’s where the coffee bean is said to have originated from. 

Not only that, but some of our earliest ancestors are buried there! Hadar, a place in Ethiopia is home to the most renowned fossil ofthe world, Lucy (3.5 million years old). So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to fly


Ethiopian Airline's History

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is Ethiopia’s national airline. Ethiopian has grown into one of Africa’s top carriers over the last seventy years, unrivalled in Africa for efficiency and operational performance, and has profited for nearly all of its existence. 

Operating at the best contemporary technology, Ethiopian has now become one of the most important companies and institution in Africa! It controls the majority of the pan-African network, including daily and double-daily east-west flights across Africa. 

Ethiopian now operates the newest and youngest fleet, which serves 100 international and 21 domestic destinations.

Destinations- Where do they Fly?

*America and Canada
*Middle East

Ethiopian Airlines Fleet-Check it out.

787-8 Dream Liner
B737-MAX 8Q400

Your Perks When Flying Ethiopian


Star Alliance Meeting Plus is a Star Alliance package developed for travel to international meetings for your company.
At least 50 foreign attendees from a minimum of three countries (excluding the meeting destination) are necessary, as well as 30 days of advance notice. 

Furthermore, all tickets for the attendees of your meeting must be issued by a designated travel agency.
Here are some of the Meeting Plus product’s features and services.
Online registration is quick and fast, and it’s the only service of its sort powered by an airline network.

Globally standardised agreement

There is only one point of contact.

Business and Economy class fares are discounted.

Members can earn miles by participating in airline frequent flyer programmes.

There is a short lead time to the meeting’s start date (30 days) 

All ticketing will be handled by your company’s designated travel agent.



Cloud Nine is a perfect mix and combination of First and Business Class service that has the space, comfort, and service that makes travelling with Ethiopian a great pleasure!
Have you booked an Ethiopian flight and want to take advantage of the Cloud Nine (Business Class) benefits? Then take advantage of a very special upgrade option.
You can relax in Ethiopian’s up-to-the-market seats, enjoy courses that are specially designed to satisfy your appetite and have entry and access to their Cloud Nine Lounge for those passengers travelling from Addis Ababa Airport.


It is the Frequent Flyer Programme under Ethiopian. Being a member of ShebaMiles, you’re entitled to award tickets, award upgrades, get an entry into executive lounges, get extra free baggage allowance, along with plenty of different privileges! The more you fly, the more miles you earn, and the better the benefits!

Covid-19 Guidelines - Be Careful

Domestic Travel During COVID-19

-Physical distancing at the airport – Physical distancing is required at the airport, and during boarding. Check in beforehand online to avoid contact.
-Wear face coverings – Face coverings or masks are a necessity. The airlines also have face masks available.
-Food and beverages onboard – You are requested to continue wearing a face mask or

face covering while not drinking water/consuming food.
-Air and ground cleanliness – The airlines ensure to clean high touch surfaces regularly, along with the aircraft, airports and lounges. Hand sanitizer is also available readily.

International Travel During COVID-19

-Get the pre-travel requirements for your destination and transit points.
-Get declaration forms for both directions of your travel.
-Get managed isolation arranged or somewhere to stay in case plans change.
-Make sure to check your passport and if all required visas are valid.
-Make sure to securely add your passport details to your booking.

The rest of the guidelines are the same as the Domestic travel guidelines mentioned above.
Check their website for the travel guidelines to your destination!

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

What is your allowance for checked-in baggage under Ethiopian?

For Economy 

Ethiopian allows up to 2 pieces, each with a max weight of 23 kilograms and max sum of dimension equal to 158 centimetres.

What is your allowance for cabin baggage under Ethiopian?


1 (ONE) piece that should weigh 7 kilograms only, is free of charge.
The carry-on baggage should be able to fit in the over-head rack, or under the seat of the passenger in both of the above cases.

For Cloud Nine

Ethiopian allows up to 2 pieces, each with a maxi weight of 32 kilograms or 3 pieces with a weight of 23 kilograms each and a maximum sum of dimension equal to 158 centimetres.

Business class – 
2 (TWO) pieces that should weigh 7 kilograms each, is free of charge.


In case of delayed/lost/damaged baggage…

In the event that your baggage has not been conveyed, you can report it as delayed” online by filling the Lost Baggage Inventory Form (BIF) given below and 

sending it to your closest Ethiopian workplaces at your objective.
https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/files/baggage-inventory-form.docx?sfvrsn=cc089d5_2 You can likewise contact Ethiopian workplaces that are close to you to discover the whereabouts of your stuff.

Damaged Baggage:

Ethiopian and its team truly care about all their customers and their baggage, however, damage might take place under unfortunate circumstances.
The airlines is not responsible for the damage, loss, or destruction of any items caused by the following:
-Material of the baggage being defected on its own or due to aging after usage.

-Any dents, scratches, stains that are minor and manageable.

-Parts of the baggage damaged like covers or straps or hooks, etc.

-Any damage caused due to over-packing or passenger’s own mismanaged packing.

-Any damage caused by a random search operation of Transportation Security Administration or other inspections for safety of each country.
For more details, kindly visit the airlines’ website!

Ethiopian Airlines UMNR-Policy

1.Ethiopian regards any children between the ages of 5-11 years, who are travelling alone on
Ethiopian as Unaccompanied minors. They provide an escort service that is necessary for
unaccompanied minors travelling.
2.They also consider children from the age of 12-17 as unaccompanied minors if requested by
the parent or guardian.

Pet Policy

Ethiopian allow pet travel, however kindly get in touch with them as they will ask you to give the
following details:
-Total weight of your pet and their container 

-The container’s dimensions, material and the make. 

-Accurate and valid health and vaccination certifications, permit to entry, and other
documents required by the country you are entering or transiting through.
Please make sure your pet is healthy and well-fed and hydrated well before departure.

Click on the link below to know all necessary details while bringing a pet into Norway:
Click here

Froniter Airlines pet policy

Refunds and Exchange

Terms and conditions for exchange: 
Provide full and accurate information while filing for exchange form 
Note that the price can change 
If you request for a change of date on or after the flight date has passed, there will be an additional charge for NO SHOW.  
Terms and conditions for refunds: 
Provide full and accurate information while filing for exchange form. 
If you request for a change of date on or after the flight date has passed, there will be an additional charge for NO SHOW.