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Lot Polish Airlines web check-in

Lot Polish Airlines web check-in

Lot Polish Airlines as can be seen from the name is a Polish Airlines with their main base at Warsaw and established on 29 Dec,1928. It is also known as one of the oldest airlines which is still under operation. 

 They also head with a fleet size of 100 aircraft and provide their services and covers a total destination of 120  across Europe, North America and Asia.The fly out to most of their hub at Warsaw Chopin Airport. 

The airline is a member of Star Alliance. Like any other major airlines of the world , they also provide the advanced service and opportunity for various types of check-in  for their passengers and customers. The different types of check-in are as follows:

  • Online web check-in
  • Online mobile check-in
  • Automated check-in
  • Self check-in through Kiosk.
  • Ticket counter check-in

Online Web check-in

In order to have an online web check-in, the customer or the passenger needs to go to the official website of Lot Polish Airlines and search for check-in. 

In order to check-in through the web the passenger  needs to have the details for the reservation of the flight such as the last name and the confirmation number or the E Ticket number and search for your flight. 

Once it is done, the check-in can be processed and also added to check-in for your carry-on and baggage. You can make the necessary payments if needed.

 After the process of check-in is done, one can generate and download the boarding pass to print out as a hard copy, and ask to be sent it to your personal phone number or email and save it on your phone. 

The timing requirements for passengers with web check-in are open from 24 hours to 2 hours prior from the scheduled time of your departure. 


Online mobile check-in

Online web check-in


If the passenger or customer wants to check-in using their mobile then, they are required to download the official app for Lot Polish Airlines and search for check-in. Under it, they are required to put their reference/confirmation/e ticket number and search for their flight. 

Once it is done , they can proceed to check-in and also add to check-in for their carry-on and baggage . If required then to pay for it. 

It makes it easier for the passenger as they can just drop off their bag at the drop-off counter when they are heading towards the boarding gate at the airport. 

Once the check-in is done, they can generate and download their boarding pass either in their mobile or as a text or email for their own convenience.


Automated check-in

One of the easiest and fastest ways to check-in is to have your check-in scheduled to be processed automatically which can save your time. By using this way to check-in, the system will automatically check-in for the passenger 36 hours prior from your scheduled time of departure. Your boarding pass will be automatically generated and forwarded to your number or your email. Any passenger who is flying with Lot Polish Airlines is eligible for automatic check-in if they opt for it. They can do so by registering themselves for it before 37 hours and plan for their check-in ahead for it to be done automatically.

Self check-in through Kiosk.

If you are a passenger opting to check-in through the self-help kiosk desk available in airports , you can do so when you are at the airport premises by locating a kiosk desk and look for the option of check-in by entering your details such as your last name and your reference or confirmation number /E Ticket number. 

You can also choose the option to add for your baggage to be checked in and pay for it so that you can avoid the hassle of standing in long lines and just check-in and drop off your bag at the area of the bag drop off.

 The passenger can print out their boarding pass through the kiosk or scan their E Ticket or passport and simply have their boarding pass if they check-in through online or web check-in. 

Contact Details

+48 22 577 77 55

For customer service and help desk

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