Frontier Airlines web check-in

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Frontier Airlines Reservations

Frontier Airlines web check-in

Frontier Airlines is one of the operating airlines of America which is of low cost and based at Denver, Colorado. They serve and firmly believe in the motto that the sky is for everyone and everyone who has traveled with them has different stories to tell about their unique experiences with them. They also serve with a mission to be able to deliver you to your near and dear ones again especially during these trying situations as you fly forward to your desired destinations without affecting your budget and by being cost friendly. Frontier Airlines also offers you various ways to check-in for the comfortability of their own customers and passengers. They are as given below:


  • Online web check-in
  • Check-in through their app
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Ticket counter check-in

Online web check-in

In order to check-in online you are required to go to their website at After going to their website one can go to the section for check-in and start to check-in yourself by entering the required credentials such as your confirmation code and your last name and check-in. After the check-in is done, the passenger can also opt to add for check-in bags and pay for it. After paying for it, you can simply drop your bag at the bag drop-off when you arrive at the airport. If you are checking in online you need to have your boarding pass printed and in hand with the check-in carry bags at the airport 45 mins for domestic flights and 60 mins for international flights before their scheduled departure.

online web check-in

Check-in through their app


Another easy way to check-in is through their airlines official app called Frontier Airlines App. One just needs to download the app and go to the section for check-in and enter the credentials needed and check-in yourself from 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. You can also add your bags to check-in and pay for it before so it will be easier for you. The timing requirement for international flights is open for check-in from 24 hours prior to minimum 1 hour before your scheduled time of departure. The passenger is required to check -in with luggage at least 60 mins and have your boarding pass at hand. For domestic travels you can check-in prior to 24 hours to minimum 1 hour before the time of your scheduled departure. The luggage which is with you needs to be checked in before 45 mins and you are bound to have your boarding pass at hand.

Kiosk check-in.

Checking in through kiosks at the airport is also one of the most convenient ways to check-in if you haven’t done so online. In order to check-in through kiosk one needs to have their flight confirmation number, confirmation email, through your credit and debit card or scan your  passport. In the kiosk desk you can also add to check your bags, upgrade your seats or print your own boarding pass.The time required for check-in at the kiosk desk is at least 2 hours prior with those with check-in bags and for those without check-in bags the passengers needs to be at the airport prior to ! hour of the scheduled time of departure.

Ticket counter check-in.

kiosk desk

For check-in at the ticket counter it is best to be at the airport before 4 hours to check-in yourself and also the bags and luggage as well. The drawback of a ticket counter check-in is that you need to stand in long lines and queues to do so. But if you are required to check-in at the ticket counter, you can present your needed documents and check-in your luggage in order to get your boarding pass and move forward to board your flight.


Contact Details

Reservations +1-844-902-2949 (open 24/7, toll-free)

Reservation Questions +1-844-902-2949 

Customer Relations +1-844-902-2949 (call and say “feedback and concerns”)

Frontier Miles Account Assistance +1-844-902-2949

Delayed Baggage Fill out the Delayed Baggage Form

Lost and Found Fill out the Lost Item Form

Travel Insurance +1-844-902-2949

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