Air france

Air France stylized as AIRFRANCE is a French airline headquartered at Tremblay-en-France. Air France’s global hub and corporate headquarter is at Charles de Gaulle Airport with Orly Airport as its primary domestic hub. It is a founding member of the SkyTeam Global Airline Alliance and a subsidiary of Air France-KLM Group. It has been in the market since 7 October 1933. At the moment, Air France flies to 93 countries; 36 domestic destinations and 168 international destinations and has 233 aircrafts. Due to their big size of network passenger can book their Air France Reservations anytime around the world for a safe journey.

 Air France In-flight Service

On a long haul flight, Air France provides copies of publication Air France magazine, fashion magazine of Air France Madame for Business and La Premiere class, movies of different languages are constantly played, meals are served for both long haul international and short haul domestic flights, champagne is served for long haul flights in all classes. If you have any service request which you want to make before departure, you can do so by contacting the Air France Reservations desk. The more information you give to the airline, the more prepared will be the airline regarding your service request. The inflight Air France customer service is also a well known among the passengers, if you have any inflight service request, the airline will be glad to do what they can to help you have the best experience.

 Class of Service

For long haul international routes, Air France has 3-4 classes namely;


-Premium Economy


-La Premiere

For short haul, Air France has only 3 cabins featuring;


-Premium Economy


Book Flights with Airfrance

You can book a flight by going to the Air France Official Website or the app.

Steps to book:

-Choose whether you want round/one way/multi-city trip

-Enter your origin and destination

-Choose the date on which you want to travel

-Add the number of passenger for your Air France Reservations

-Choose the class you want to travel with from the dropdown

-Click on search flight

-Select the price and time from the given option

-After selecting the above, read your fare type policy and the baggage policy

-Click on “book” button next to the flight details you want

-Enter the passenger’s details and make your payment

-You will get a confirmation email of your Air France Booking.

Air France Vacations

Air France Change Policy

Everyone now and then has change of plans and in times like that AIR FRANCE accommodates changes to be made according to one’s fare rules.

Air France Change Policy allows free changes 24 hours within booking regardless of your fare type i.e., refundable or non-refundable. Do keep in mind that changes can be made in the way it was booked. For instance, if you booked online, changes have to be made online, if you booked through a third party, changes have to be made through that third part, and if you booked with the airline directly, changes have to be made with the airline themselves. Passengers are allowed to make changes in dates, time, meals, seats etc. provided that it is under 24 hours free change period after booking.

If passengers have to make changes due to extenuating circumstances like death in a family, medical issue, judicial order, government order etc., change fee may be waived off provided that the necessary documents in question are given by the passenger.

Any changes made after the 24 hours free changes period will incur a change fee and fare difference if any. If your original Air France Booking fare is lower than the new changed booking, you shall pay the fare difference along with change fee according to your fare rules. However, if the newly changed booking has a lesser fare amount than the original booking, reimbursement will be made to you.

If a passenger originally has a Air France Reservations for round trip and wants to make change in only one way, change fee of only one way will be imposed on him/her.

Requests for changes will be accommodated according to availability of the requested changes. Just because you have a ticket doesn’t mean you can make change anyhow on any flight, it does depend on the availability and your fare type. Changes will be made only when your ticket fare rules allow it. Some Air France Ticket don’t qualify for any changes.

When it comes to name change or correction, Air France allows minor name correction for example, spelling correction but the airline doesn’t allow for total name change. And name correction has to be made 72 hours before departure, if it’s less than that, you may be charged a penalty to correct a name.

How to Change Air France Flights

Steps to make changes in your Air France booking:

-Go to the Air France official website or app or contact the airline to make changes. You can also make changes at the airline’s airport counter but regardless of the frame, 20 USD will be charged for it.

-Click on “Manage Booking” button

-Click on “Review/Modify”

– Enter your confirmation number and your name and click on continue

-Click on the given link to go to Air France change option

-Make the necessary changes as per your need

-Cross check your details and click on “continue” to save it

-You shall get a confirmation email or SMS of your changes made

How to Cancel Air France Reservations

Steps to cancel a Air France Ticket or Flight.

You can cancel on the Air France Official Site, through a third party or the airline itself.

-Log in and go to “My Trip”/”My Booking”

-Select the booking which you wish to cancel from the dropdown

-Press on cancellation

-Reconfirm the cancellation from the pop –up message by clicking on “Yes”

-After your trip is cancelled, claim your refund if eligible

If you are eligible for refund, you will be refunded in 10 business days on the account with which you paid for the booking.

Air France Cancellation Policy

Air France provides free cancellation for 24 hours within booking regardless of fare rules. It doesn’t not matter whether it is a refundable or non-refundable booking, as long as you fall under the free cancellation time frame. You are entitled for a cancelation without any charge under the Air France Cancellation Policy of flight ticket booking.

If you cancel after 24 hours after booking, there will be a cancellation penalty charged to you. And if your booking is of refundable type, your remaining value of booking will be refunded to you after deducting the cancellation fee. However, if your Air France Reservations is of non-refundable type, your value of the booking will be forfeited and you shall not get a refund. Passenger’s cancellation fee is not only determined by the fare rule/type but it is also determined by the date of departure, number of tickets, points of departure etc.

If passengers have to make cancellation due to extenuating circumstances like death in a family, medical issue, judicial order, government order etc., change fee may be waived off provided that the necessary documents in question are given by the passenger.

Passengers who booked a Air France Reservations 2 days before departure and who cancelled the same will be charged a penalty between $45 and $125.

Additionally, passengers who have an award ticket shall not get a refund when cancelled since it is a non refundable reservation.

Air France Baggage Policy

Carry-on Bags

Air France baggage allowance is determined by your cabin/class which is written on your ticket. Passengers can carry 1 or 2 cabin baggage items and 1 accessory like handbag, small bag, briefcase etc. based on your cabin/class. Additional items like jacket, coat, umbrella, duty-free items purchased on your flight or airport, car seat, diaper, collapsible stroller etc. are allowed to take inflight.

Carry-on or cabin bag:

Cabin bags must measure not more than 55cm/35cm/25cm.

Accessory bags must not exceed 40cm/30cm/15cm.

Economy class baggage weight must not exceed 12kg

Business class baggage weight must not exceed 18kg

air france baggage allowance

Checked-in Bags

Just like the cabin bag, your checked bag allowance is determined by your travel cabin and fare.

Fare Type                     Number of bags               Size                                        Weight

Economy Light                             N/A                                 N/A                                    N/A

Economy                                        1                                     158cm                                 23kg

Premium Economy                     2                                     158cm                                23kg each

Business                                         2                                     158cm                                32kg each

La Premiere                                   3                                     158cm                               32kg each

air france baggage

Any bag that exceeds this measurement will incur extra charges that you have to pay at time of booking Air France Reservations. And the charge will be determined by the weight, size and the travel route.

For any missing baggage, you shall report as soon as possible to the Air France Baggage Service at the airport where you land.  A baggage file thereafter will be opened and it comprises inventory letter, file number and a local number for baggage assistance service. You are to keep the number safe so that you can track and file further cases.

If at all your bag is not found in two days, fill up the inventory form/letter given to you previously. Enter all the details of your content, shape and color of your bag as accurately as you can. And send this to the Air France Baggage Service at the airport where you landed. Thereafter, the Air France Baggage Service will be responsible for following up your file. You can also contact the department at different contact numbers based on your airport where you landed.

If your bags are not found and delivered after so many days, the airline will cover the expense that has been incurred owing to this inconvenience.