Airports in New York City.

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Airports in New York City.

New York City is the city of The United States of America which is the most populous of all. It is located in the State of New York which is very densely populated due to its immense population and people flocking from every country, state or city with various dreams to fulfill and build a future since it has so much to offer. The city itself is the city of their dreams for numerous people as it excels in beauty, splendor and stands in all of its glory. It is filled with people of different ecthnic races, cultures, customs, traditions and so it is what we call the beauty of living in harmony amidst the diversity. This is what makes the city a home to all. It is one of the richest city filled with most of the world’s biggest companies and business areas which is why it is known as the business capital of the world. It is also the biggest metropolitan city in the world. They also boast of being and having one of the world’s largest natural harbour which consists of five boroughs and each of them being a county of New York state. They are Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. It is the home to the highest number of billionaires. With all the perks and splendor of the city, it also offers two outstanding airports too as well which are the Jfk International airport and LaGuardia domestic airport. Well let us talk about it as well.

JFK(John F Kennedy) International Airport

Preferably called the JFK airport or its IATA code being JFK is the biggest international airport of New York city which is also one of the busiest airport in the world. The JFK airport was established in 1948 as New York International Airport which was previously known as Idlewild airport. It is ranked as the 20th busiest airport in the world.

 Its location is in Jamaica which is a neighbourhood of Queens and it is 16 miles away from the main centre that is Manhattan. From JFK there are more than ninety airlines who are operating from there everyday to and fro globally  with nonstop and direct flights all over. It has four runaways and six terminals . It is the main hub for Delta Airlines and American Airlines which is also the home base for Jetblue Airways. Jetblue has Taken Terminal 5 and painted it blue in order to identify it as theirs. 

They are also under the process of renovation with a fund estimation of $13 billion to expand with the addition of two more terminals which is bound to be completed by 2025. If you are residing in Queens or lower Brooklyn, JFK will be the nearest airport option for you. One of the easiest ways to get to the airport is via public transport such as a cab or metro but it is preferable by metro if you want to avoid the busy road with heavy traffic. 

The fastest way to get to the airport is by opting  to travel by  AirTrain which will cost you $7.75 which connects to the LIRR Jamaica station. You can get the same service from Brooklyn Atlantic Avenue to Penn Station in Manhattan for prices starting from $7.75. One can also opt to travel by various cab or car services available for the to and fro from JFK which will cost you around $52 if you are travelling from Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport


LaGuardia Airport and it’s IATA code LGA is the hotspot for domestic travellers as they are a domestic airport which is located in East Elmhurst, Queens New York City. It is ranked as the third busiest airport after Newark and JFK serving New york. It is also the hub for main airlines such as Delta, American, Southwest, United Airlines, Jetblue Airways etc. The airport is currently undergoing its renovations after a lot of criticisms had been placed on them for not being updated and at par with the services and facilities being provided at the airport. A splendid

Remodelling of Terminal B is nearing its completion and likewise an update for terminal C as well which will also become the home base for Delta Airlines. For persons residing in Northern Brooklyn or Upper Midtown Manhattan, the best possible option for an airport which is nearest to them will be LaGuardia as it will possibly take them around 30 mins from their residence in ordnance with the traffic as it is only eight miles away . If you are travelling by car or through cab service it will cost you around $30 to $45 for to and fro from the airport.  LaGuardia is not an easy airport to reach if one is opting to use the public transport as there are many stops and change in the routes to get there. The two most popular routes are the Q70-SBS LaGuardia Link and M60-SBS. If you’re riding the Q70, you’ll pick it up at a stop in Queens, accessible by the 7, E, F, M and R trains. The M60-SBS makes stops in uptown Manhattan and Queens. A bus trip will cost $2.75.

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