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Pearl City is a CDP located in the Ewa District of the City & County of Honolulu. Waimalu is on the east side of Pearl City, whereas Waipahu is on the west. The area has been dubbed “Central Oahu.” Pearl City is a residential neighborhood and a popular site for errands and work.

Most popular attractions and things to do in Pearl City


It’s a steep, enjoyable challenge down to the bottom, and it’s a real delight! There’s a beautiful waterfall that cascades down to a smaller waterfall with a natural pool approximately the size of a hot tub, and then cascades down to another fall with a deep pool, enormous ropes, and various locations on every side where you may leap from.

Pearlridge Shopping Center


The Pearlridge West 16 Consolidated Theaters are located among hundreds of shops, cafés, and other amenities at the Pearlridge Shopping Center, which is divided into two sections and connected by a rail. The mall offers everything you could possibly need in a shopping experience without having to deal with the traffic of going all the way to crowded Honolulu. It also includes fun houses, book stores, clothing stores, and services such as real estate firms.

USS Memorial at Pearl Harbor



The USS Memorial in Pearl Harbor is a somber experience for tourists. It stands to memorialise the service members who gave their lives during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Tours include a ride to the sunken battleship in the port, where 1177 soldiers are still entombed in the ship’s ruins, and are preceded by onshore exhibits and a movie memorial of the attack.

Urban Garden Center




The Urban Garden Center is located just behind the Pearl City Home Depot in Pearl City, Oahu, with our entrance on the Diamond Head side of the Public Storage. There are at least four different types of gardens to walk through, each having a diverse array of native plants.

Aikane Sportfishing






Aikane Sportfishing is a professional, experienced team dedicated to giving you with a terrific, fun-filled fishing and boating experience at competitive costs, whether you’re a beginner or an expert angler.






The Japanese discount company Daiso Hawaii Holiday Store continues to do its utmost to provide a secure shopping environment by limiting and monitoring the amount of consumers allowed in the store.

Airports in Honolulu

Airlines in Honolulu

Best season to visit Honolulu

Summer is the greatest time to explore Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor. Summer is a busy season in Hawaii, but it is also a lovely season in which the weather is pleasant. During the summer, tourists from all over the world go to Hawaii for vacations. During the summer, there are numerous events and festivals to attend. 

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