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Kissimmee Florida

Kissimmee is the county capital of Osceola County and was founded as a ranching community. The city didn’t find a new calling until Disney World and other similar attractions were created in Orlando.

With nature, water, and a mix of history and culture, this is a soothing spot to visit when you want to get away from the rush and bustle of nearby cities. The city was named for the wide Kissimmee River that runs through it, and the word “Kissimmee” means “long water.”

Popular Places to visit in Kissimmee Florida

Popular Hotels near Kissimmee Florida

Best season to visit Kissimmee Florida

If you aren’t acclimated to the heat, the winter is the greatest season to visit Kissimmee. Although the weather is still hot, you can enjoy exploring the parks without being too uncomfortable. The majority of the rainfall occurs during the summer months, which contributes to the high humidity levels that are common from May through October.

The average temperature is around 33°C, which is extremely hot. There are occasional showers, and tropical storms are not unheard of this season. The best time to visit Kissimmee is in the spring or autumn if you enjoy the heat and sun. 

The weather is still hot, with temperatures rarely falling below 20°C. Theme parks are also quieter at this time of year since American schools are in session and there are fewer visitors.

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