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Tampa Florida

Tampa is a huge metropolis on Florida’s Gulf Coast. With the creation of Fort Brooke in the 19th century, Tampa became a military center. Today’s economy in Tampa is driven by tourism, insurance, health care, banking, technology, construction, and the maritime industry.

 The primary port, Tampa International Airport, services both domestic and international flights. It also offers public transportation vehicles and cars accessible to transfer guests to the city center and several tourist attractions around.

Most popular attractions to visit in Tampa Florida

Best and cheapest Hotels in Tampa Florida

Best time and season to visit Tampa Florida

During the summer, Tampa, like the rest of Florida, is extremely hot and humid; this is also when schools are out of session, thus Tampa can be both crowded and overbearingly hot. From late summer until early fall is hurricane season. Between January and April, many individuals go to Tampa to escape the cold weather at home. This implies more people and higher room costs. Between September and December is the best time to visit Tampa. The weather is good at this time of year, and practically empty hotels are offering their lowest accommodation rates of the year.

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