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Air Caraibies

Air Caraibes founded in 1969 as Société Caribéenne de Transports Aériens, commenced its operation as a flight company in June, 2000. The airline’s main base is situated in Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport in Guadeloupe. The airline operates both scheduled and charter flights in the West Indies as well as transatlantic flights based at Paris. Air Caraibes currently operates 15 crafts over 13 destinations and if you find yourself travelling with them on your next trip then here is all you need to know about AIR CARAIBES.

Air Caraibes Check-In Procedures

Airport Check-In

Airport check-in varies from airport to airport depending on the type of flight and destination concerned. Passengers must make sure to take note of the check-in time and report to the authorized agent with all necessary information to make sure that they are allowed to board the flight.

Passengers unable to meet all necessary check-in formalities within the stipulated deadline may have their bookings cancelled. The airlines shall hold no liability to the passenger under such circumstances.

Airport Check-In

To skip lines for check-in at the airport, passengers can get check-in done online which is available until two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers after getting their online check-in can move straight to the security checkpoint at the airport. 

Passengers must make sure to reach the boarding gate at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

Ticket Booking and Reservations

 Tickets booked are only designated only for the flyer designated on the ticket.

 Passengers are advised to carry a proof of identity on them at all times.

 Tickets for transatlantic flights are non-transferable.

 Unless stated otherwise a general ticket has a validity for a period of one year from the original date of issue.

 If a person in possession of a valid ticket is prevented from travelling within the validity period, then the airlines can:

 Extend the validity of the ticket

 Refund the ticket even if the ticket is non-refundable

 Get corresponding fare adjustments

 Passengers seeking for modifications may have to pay charges on top of the fare that the passengers may have already paid.

In case of change or modification to date, destination, class, schedule etc. the passenger shall be liable to pay for the fare difference resulting out of the change and must contact the carrier or authorized agent who sold the ticket.

Baggage Policy

Passenger must make sure that they take care of their possession at the airport and not to entrust or accept any baggage from any third party person.

Passengers are advised not to travel with any perishable or fragile items with them in their checked baggage. If they do, then they should make sure to properly and securely pack their items in suitable containers to avoid damage.

Passengers should make sure not to travel with any prohibited items which is specified under the Dangerous Goods Regulations published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (IATA) and in the Carrier’s regulations or any item prohibited by the law in force in any State of departure, destination, overflight or scheduled transit.

Items like but limited to firearms, sharp objects, aerosols are strictly prohibited.

In case of excess weight, configurations, shape, size, nature and contents do not meet certain operational, safety or security standards then the airlines have the right to deny movement of such baggage.

All passengers are entitled to free carriage, without additional charge, of a quantity of Baggage (by number and/or weight and/or dimensions) determined according to the fare paid, the class of carriage and the destination.

Baggage exceeding the stipulated weight, quantity or dimensions as specified for travel will be subjected to additional surcharge and subject to availability of space

All Tickets allow the carriage in the cabin of a certain quantity of baggage in terms of weight, number and dimension. If no specifications have been made only one baggage is allowed that can be fit in a closed storage space designated for storing or underneath the seat in front of the passenger.

Passenger may only carry excess baggage provided that payments have been made for the baggage prior to check-in and up to a maximum of 32kg per bag.

The carrier has the right to check the declared value for its appropriate value of the baggage and its contents.

 Passengers are advised to affix their names or any other form of identification to their baggage.

The carrier is liable in case of damage, loss, destruction or harm caused to the baggage while in the care of the carrier. 

Pet Policy

 The carriage of pets is ultimately subject to the carrier’s prior consent.

 Passengers must have valid documents relating to the pet at all times and must be presented on request by authorities.

 The pet and its crate are not eligible under the baggage allowance and passenger must pay and additional fare for which the conditions are available with the carrier.

 The pet must be kept inside their designated enclosure for the entire duration of the trip at all times.

 Only pets and their crates not exceeding a certain weight are accepted within the cabin.

 Assistant dogs and their crates for passengers with reduced mobility will be carried free of charge in addition to the baggage allowance while being in accordance to         the policy of the carrier.

 The number of pets carried is limited to per flight per person.

Pets must be safely and properly enclosed in their containers that should have enough space to turn around, breath and get up easily and freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

ANS: A booking/reservation made online can hold up to a total of 9 people. For more than 9 passengers you can raise request on the carrier’s Groups Department.

ANS: You can book tickets directly for an unaccompanied child directly from the official website. Passengers are requested to make sure to read all details and info. regarding unaccompanied child properly from the official website of the carrier.

ANS: Yes, as long as the drone has batteries below 100Wh and weighs below 26lbs. Maximum of two spare batteries separately packed and make sure to declare the transportation of drone with its weight and battery type at booking.

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