Alitalia Web Check- In

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Alitalia Web Check- In

Alitalia is the largest airline of Italy and also the airline which is the flag bearer of the country.  Its main base and head office is situated in Fiumicino, Rome. 

Since the fall of March 17, 2020 the government has captured its full authority over the airline. 

The airline operates and provides their services over 34 destinations everyday for domestics as well as international destinations across intercontinental and Europe. Its main hub is at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.

  Alitalia is a member of SkyTeam Alliance and up of that it also codeshares its agreement with other 42 Airlines. It was ranked as the twelfth largest airline in Europe.

Alitalia offers different forms of web check-in services for their passengers and customers in order to meet their needs and requirements. The different types of web check-in are as follows:

  • Online web and mobile check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Ticket counter check-in

Online web and mobile check-in

Who wants to stand in long lines and queue? None would prefer that. 

So, in order to avoid that, most of the major airlines have come up with the ideas of online web check-in and mobile check-in to save time and avoid unnecessary delays. 

They are the best alternatives to ticket-counter check-in which are easy and reliable and can be done from anywhere or also from your home comfortably. 

For online web check-in one needs to first go to their official webpage and  choose the option for check-in.

 Once you enter the option for check-in, the passenger needs to enter the details such as the ticket confirmation or reference id number, their MilleMiglia code if they are a member of it , their first and last name. 

Once the details are entered you can find your reservation and start to check-in and also opt for the selection of your preferred seat. 

The passenger can also add to check-in their baggage and if required pay for it to be dropped readily at the bag drop-off area later before boarding. 

Once the entire process for check-in is done, the passenger can generate and download the boarding pass. They can either print it out as hard copy or opt to be sent at their mail or sms.

The same process goes likewise for mobile check-in as well but the only difference is that for mobile app check-in, the passenger needs to download the Alitalia mobile app in order to process with the check-in.


The timing requirements for web and mobile check-in are open from 48 hours to 1 and half hours for international flights and 48 hours to 45 minutes for domestic flights prior to the time of your scheduled departure.

Kiosk check-in

Kiosk check-in desks are the most readily available and easily accessible form of check-in at the airport. It is the fastest way to check-in by yourself without any obstacles. 

 Passengers of Alitalia Airlines can make use of the self help kiosks and bag drop kiosks which are installed and ready for use in Terminal 1 at Rome Fiumicino airport. 

Once you are at the kiosk desk, you can choose the option to check-in and in order to do that, the passenger is required to enter the needed details such as  their reference or confirmation number or reference id no. and their first, last name. 

You can also opt to add your check-in baggage and pay for it if required and simply drop it later at the bag drop kiosk. You can print your boarding pass and head towards boarding after dropping off your baggage.

 Another way to do so is by scanning any documents such as your E Ticket or your passport to get your boarding pass by simply scanning it.

 The time requirement for check-in at the kiosk desk is 90 mins for international flights and 60 mins for domestic flights before the time of their scheduled departure.


online check-in

Ticket counter check-in

In case the passenger wants to check-in at the ticket counter, he/she needs to be present at the ticket counter 3 hours before the time of their scheduled departure in order to get their security check-in for safety purposes and also to check-in the luggage and baggage at the ticket counter and to pay for it.

 Once it is done the representative at the ticket counter desk will help you to get your boarding pass and your bag tags. After this process one can head towards for boarding at the boarding gate .

Contact details

For information, reservations and the purchase of tickets for domestic or international flights, please contact:


from United States  call  800 223 5730

from Italy  call  89 20 101  (24h/24, 7 days a week)


from United States  call number  800 223 5730

from Italy  call number  (+39) 06 656402

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