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VivaAerobus Reservations & Booking

VivaVerobus, officially Aeroenlaces Nacionales, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican low cost carrier airline founded in 2006. It is fully owned by IAMSA, the largest bus company in Mexico and co-founded and invested by Irelandia Aviation. It has its headquarter at Monterrey International Airport, Apodaca, Mexico. From these places, you can book your VivaAerobus Reservations anytime. 

It operates in Mexico and the United States wi\th a fleet size of 45 and has 58 scheduled destinations. Its operating bases are;

-Cancun International Airport

-Guadalajara International Airport

-Mexico City International Airport

-Monterrey International Airport

VivaVerobus offers a very low flight fare and provides a decent and comfortable experience flying. If you are looking to save some bucks in taking a low flight fare, VivaVerobus is perfect for you. Since the ticket price is so low, it doesn’t cover inflight food or beverages. However, you do have a choice to purchase food and beverages during or after booking your flight.

Book with Viva Aerobus

You can book a flight by going to the Viva Aerobus Official Site or the app.

Steps to book:

-Choose whether you want a round/one way/multi-city trip

-Enter your origin and destination

-Choose the date on which you want to travel

-Add the number of passengers in your VivaAerobus Reservations

-Choose the class you want to travel with from the dropdown

-Click on search flight

-Select the price and time from the given option

-After selecting the above, read your fare type policy and the baggage policy

-Click on “book” button next to the flight details you want

-Enter the passenger’s details and make your payment

-You will get a confirmation email of your booking.

Aeromexico Airlines Deals And Offers

VivaAerobus Change Policy

VivaAerobus allows changes to be made in times of uncertainty. Passengers can make changes in their VivaAerobus Reservations date, time, name, route, etc. but with a penalty. The penalty you have to pay is charged per segment per passenger. Therefore, even if you’re traveling alone, you will have to pay a penalty for the two ways/segments if you have a round way.

You will be asked to pay the change fee as such and fare difference if your newly changed booking cost more than your originally booked one. This may happen if there is an upgrade of class, seat, or just price surge. If your newly changed booking cost less than the original booking, the remainder may be refunded to you or given to you as an airline credit.

How much you pay as penalty will depend on your route, date, time, and the place where you make the change.

If you change your VivaAerobus Reservations more than 24 hours before departure online you will have to pay 80 USD.

If you change your reservation more than 24 hours before departure at the point of sale you will have to pay 90 USD.

If you change your reservation between 4 and 24 hours before departure online, you will be charged 110 USD.

If you change your reservation between 4 and 24 hours before departure at the point of sale, you will be charged 120 USD.

VivaAerobus allows passengers to change and correct their names on their tickets. You can transfer your ticket to someone else altogether. If you change your name online for both domestic and international, you will be charged 150 USD. And if you change your name at the point of sale for both domestic and international, you will be charged 120 USD. Do remember that all name changes should be done at least 4 hours before departure.  k

Steps to Change VivaAerobus Reservations

Steps to change:

-Log in with email and password

-Tap on “Modify Reservation”

-Choose the trip you wish to change from the lists of booked flights

-Enter confirmation code and last name

-Retrieve booking

-Make the changes as per your need

-Confirm and save the change and pay change fee or fare difference if any

-You will get a confirmation email or SMS of the change you made


Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy

VivaAerobus provides free cancellation for 24 hours within booking regardless of fare rules. It doesn’t matter whether it is a refundable or non-refundable booking, as long as you fall under the free cancellation time frame, you are entitled for cancelation without any charge.  In this Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy you can save your money when you are canceling your reservations and flight ticket under a given time period.​

If you cancel after 24 hours after booking, there will be a cancellation penalty charged to you. And if your booking is of refundable type, your remaining value of the booking will be refunded to you after deducting the cancellation fee. However, if your VivaAerobus Reservations is of non-refundable type, your value of the booking will be forfeited and you shall not get a refund. Passenger’s cancellation fee is not only determined by the fare rule/type but is also determined by the date of departure, points of departure, time, etc.

On the brighter side, you can sell your ticket to someone else since the airline allows passengers for total change.

If passengers have to make cancellation due to extenuating circumstances like a death in a family, medical issues, judicial order, government order, etc., a change fee may be waived off provided that the necessary documents in question are given by the passenger.

How to Cancel VivaAerobus Reservations

-Go to the airline’s official website or app

-Log in with email and password

-Click on “Manage VivaAerobus Reservation” link

-Tap on “Manage Trip”

-Enter the correct passenger’s last name and confirmation number as asked

-Check flight ticket and read the cancellation and refund policy before you cancel

-Click in “Cancel” button

-Claim refund if eligible

-You will get a confirmation email or SMS.

-You can check your refund status by visiting “Travel Funds”

Baggage Policy

Carry-on Bags

1 free carry-on bag

1 free personal item. It can be a laptop bag, purse, etc.

The maximum measurement for the personal items should be 55cm/40cm/25cm in total weighing 10kg. For passengers with a combo Smart Fare, the weight allowance is 15kg.

The maximum measurement for a carryon bag should be 45cm/35cm/20cm in total weighing 10kg.

Where Does it go
vivaaerobus baggage
Checked bags

1 free checked bag for both Basic and Smart combo passengers.

Basic passenger- 155cm dimension, weighing 15kg

Smart combo passenger-158cm dimension, weighing 25kg

vivaaerobus baggage

Any extra bags will incur extra charges and they should not be more than 32kg. Do remember that it is cheaper to buy baggage allowance online than buying it at the airport

vivaaerobus baggage
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