Viva Aerobus has been changing its change and cancellation policy for their passengers who have been through a lot because of the COVID 19 pandemic. The airline itself is facing several problems because of the pandemic but that doesn’t stop them from being considerate of their passengers.

VivaAerobus have permanently done away with change fees. If any passenger is affected by the pandemic, the airline is giving a chance to reschedule them with no change fee. You can make changes in time, date, routes, etc. and there shall be no change fee and you won’t even have to pay fare difference if there is any. This policy will apply to both domestic and international flights.

 This flexible policy applies to fare types like Viva Smart, Viva Basic, and Viva Light Combos. Anyone who has this fare type can make any change (as stated above) 4 hours before departure time.

If a passenger doesn’t want to reschedule their date, they can simply cancel and seek a refund. There shall be a full cash refund made to you as soon as possible. With many people cancelling their flight, there are delays now and then. Passengers are requested to be patient with the airline taking time.


VivaAerobus provides free cancellation for 24 hours within booking regardless of your fare type i.e., refundable or non-refundable.

Do keep in mind that changes can be made in the way it was booked. For example, if you booked online, you have to change online, if you booked through a third party, you have to make changes through that third party, and if you booked with the airline directly, you have to make changes with the airline themselves. Passengers are given the chance to make changes in dates, time, meals, seats, etc. given that it is under a 24 hours free change period after booking. Passengers are requested to know this policy and follow the same in order to save some bucks and avoid unnecessary penalties.


If you cancel after 24 hours after booking, there will be a cancellation penalty charged to you. And if you have a refundable booking, the remaining value of your ticket will be refunded to you after deducting the cancellation fee. However, if your booking is of non-refundable type, your value of the booking will be forfeited and you shall not get a refund. Passenger’s cancellation fee is not only determined by the fare rule/type but is also determined by the date of departure, points of departure, time, etc.

On the brighter side, you can sell your ticket to someone else since the airline allows passengers for total change.


 If the airline delays or cancels any passenger’s flight for any reason, the airline will make a schedule change for the passenger and it is totally up to the passenger to accept that or not. They can choose to accept the schedule change or ask for refund/credit instead. Full refund will be provided to you by the airline if you choose to cancel it and ask for a refund.

In a case like this, the airline can name some factual situation as the reason for cancellation. For instance, there can be natural calamity, state emergency, security concerns, operation failure, lack of passengers, issues with the pilots, mechanical error, etc.


 If a passenger is cancelling because of any extenuating circumstances like death in a family, sickness, any medical issues, judicial order, strikes, government order etc., there will be no cancellation fee charged to him/her. The passenger only has to give the documents which the airline will ask for as evidence.


If any passenger fails to cancel before the departure time regardless of the fare type they have, they will be marked as a no-show. No passenger is eligible for a refund if they are marked as a no-show. The whole value of the ticket will be forfeited and you shall not get anything so, please make sure to cancel it before your departure date and time based on your fare time.


Passengers can make cancellations in a few ways. You can cancel it by yourself on the airline’s official website or app. You can also contact the airline’s reservation team to cancel it for you or you can simply cancel it through a third party with whom you booked your reservation.

If a passenger wants to cancel online or on app, we suggest you to follow these steps:

-First of all, log in

-Skip the login process if you already have the airline account

-Tap on the button “My Trip”/ “My Booking”

-Choose the booking which you want to cancel from the available flights

-Press on cancellation

-Confirm the cancellation from the pop–up message by clicking “Yes”

-After your trip is canceled, you can claim a refund if you are eligible

If you are eligible for a refund, you will get it in 7-10 business days according to your mode of payment and to the account with which you paid for your flight.

If you are cancelling by calling the airline, you need to call XXXXXXXXXXX. You will be asked for your confirmation code, first name and last name to verify your reservation. And there, you can simply tell the reservation team’s agent whoever is assisting you to cancel certain flights for you. And while you are at it, you can check with them if your ticket is eligible for a refund. You can ask them any doubts and query you have related to your ticket.


If any passenger made their payment by credit card and is owed a refund by Viva Aerobus, the latter will make the refund in 7 business days in normal times. And if the passenger made the payment by check or cash, the refund will be made in 20 business days. However, since many people are cancelling because of the pandemic, there are too many refunds to be made. Passengers are requested by the airline to be patient and understand them if there is any delay.

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