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Pineapple Air

Based in Nassau, Bahamas, Pineapple Air operates scheduled flights around the region and currently serves 8 destinations in the Bahamas. The Airline is based at Lynden Pindling International Airport and currently has a fleet strength of 4 crafts. The airline was started in 1999 and commenced operation in 2000. So, if you find yourself flying to your next destination or travel plan in the Bahamas with Pineapple Air here are all relevant information you’d need while travelling with PINEAPPLE AIR.

Pineapple Air Checkin

Check-in at the airport for all flights must be done at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Entry or boarding of the craft shall be closed 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers with an unconfirmed ticket should make sure that their ticket gets confirmed before the flight is closed for boarding. After the boarding is closed non-confirmed seats will be released and sold.

At the time of check-in and all other relevant security checks at the airport, passengers must make sure to have on them a valid Government issued ID Card at all times such Passport, driver’s license, voter ID or National Insurance Card.

The airline advices passengers to at least maintain a gap of three hours between international flight arrival and departures. The airline will not be held responsible for any cost incurred due to delays arising out of reasonable scheduled processes that may prevent the passenger from boarding their next or connecting flight.

Change Policy

All tickets sold by Pineapple Air are non-refundable but on account of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight passenger can rebook tickets with remaining value for travel within one year from the date of purchase. On new booking re-booking charges may apply.

For cancellations not made in advance the ticket shall lose all its remaining value of segments used or unused. Re-booking shall not be allowed.

For changes who wish to make changes to their original ticket shall incur a change fee and the difference in the cost of the new ticket. Any additional fee that maybe incurred in the process will be collected from the passenger at the time of check-in

Re-booking costs amount to $0 if made prior to 24 hours, all subsequent changes made after 24 hours shall incur an additional charge of $30.

The name of the passenger on the ticket and on their Government ID must match. In case of mistakes made during booking of their reservation, passengers send an e-mail to make rectification for misspellings, legal name changes arising out of marriage with supporting documents for the same. Name changes for transferring of tickets is not allowed.

Baggage Policy

Pineapple Air allows each passenger to carry a total weight of 40lbs for travel. The baggage should be under the stipulated weight and dimensions to be eligible for acceptance and travel. In case of excess baggage being carried by the passenger, the baggage shall only be accepted provided that the airline has sufficient space.

Carry-on baggage may not be allowed in certain flights under space constraints of the aircraft. Baggage compartment may be restricted on certain flights despite weight constraints due to size of baggage compartments.

Liability born by the airline on account of damage, loss or delay of baggage shall not exceed $250. The airline is not responsible for any item that is not accepted by the airline for travel.

Pineapple Air does not assume liability for any valuable, perishable or fragile item that they may be carrying with or without the knowledge of the airline. The airline shall only be responsible to the amount of the stated standard baggage liability limit.

The airline is not responsible for any scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, dirt or cuts arising from normal wear and tear experienced during transportation.

Restricted Items

RESTRICTED ITEMS: The airline shall not accept under any circumstances restricted or hazardous items which may include but not limit itself to explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials.

Firearms and Ammunitions concealed or unconcealed are not allowed aboard any flights and will only be accepted if appropriate documentations and identification is provided. The firearm and ammunition must be properly dismantled, stored in proper baggage and sent via checked baggage.


Pets for travel must be accompanied by the passenger at all times and shall not be sent as unaccompanied freight. To bring pets on flight, prior reservations must be made by passengers with Pineapple Air.

Passengers must make sure to provide a suitable kennel for their pets for travel and in case of bigger pets, passengers are advised to contact Pineapple Air.

Dogs below 20lbs may be carried in the cabin in a soft carrier. All dogs above 20 lbs must be carried in a hard kennel and placed in the baggage area.

The pets must be harmless, odourless and inoffensive to qualify for travel with Pineapple Air. The passenger is responsible for all safety and well-being of his pet while on board and are required to comply according to Government regulations. Health Certificates may also be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under flight delays and re-routing the airline shall:

– Arrange for passengers the next flight on which space is available.

– Arrange for passenger’s transportation on another airline that Pineapple Air has such agreement for transport.

If Pineapple Air is unable to provide for any alternate mode of transportation acceptable to the passenger, then shall refund the unused portions of the ticket in accordance with company policy to the passenger.

ANS: Smoking is strictly prohibited aboard all Pineapple Air Flights.

ANS: Unexpired government-issued photo driver’s license OR Unexpired government -issued photo National Insurance card OR Unexpired passport OR Employee ID issued by a Federal local government agency.

ANS:  All reservations made with Pineapple Air are non-refundable and non-transferable.

ANS: If re-booking is done within 24 hours then no charge is levied. All rebooking done after 24 hours shall incur a charge of $30.

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