How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Reservations

Flying to your destination Economy or First Class with Spirit Airlines? We’ve got you covered! Here is all you need to know about canceling your reservation, refunds, reservations, and other pointers you’ll need to know before making your move.

Flex Flight Policy

For customers who wishes to stay ready for anything that life throws at them, Spirit Airlines offers to 

them, Flex Flight.

Starting at just $35 with Flex Flight passengers can now make changes/modifications to their travel itinerary online anytime up to 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. 

Customers can avail this option at the time of booking their flight tickets and use it to make up to 1 

change for either their outbound or return journey. 

A passenger who makes subsequent changes to their travel itinerary shall be responsible to bear the 

difference in price of the fare, fees and other govt. taxes where ever applicable. 

-Flex Flight is only applicable for purchase at the time of booking and only through either the 

official website or select agents 

-For multiple reservation Flex Flight has to be applied to all passenger bookings 

-For already pre-existing reservations Flex Flight cannot be applied 

-Modification by the passenger not made within 24 hours despite having purchased Flex 

Flight will result in charge of standard charge fees 

-Flex Flight may not be available for all flights 

Refundable Fares

To keep fares low for passengers, Spirit Airlines, unfortunately, does not offer refundable tickets. 

However, changes and cancellations can be made by passengers anytime via the official website at

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Reservations?

Passengers who wish to get their reservations canceled personally can do so by following these 

given step:

-Visit the official Spirit Airlines website at and Sign-In


-Select the “MY TRIPS” option  

-Enter your “Booking Reservations ID” and “Last Name” in the provided space and Click Continue

On the Top part of the reservation details, you can also change your flights.

-Passenger’s after this will be allowed the option to either “Cancel” OR “Modify” their flight 


To cancel, Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on cancel Itinerary.

All the cancellation terms will be displayed, if the reservation is eligible for a refund, you will see the same.

In this case, the passenger will get a credit of $327.78 valid through Nov 8 2021 which means, the passenger has to use the credit on or before the stated date of expiration.

It is advised to passengers to verify the mobile number and email ID provided for future contact and 

status update on the cancellations and refund if applicable. Keep Refund Request Reference Number 

handy for future use. 

A cancellation charge of up to $90 to $100+ will be charged by Spirit Airlines on all bookings that are 

outside the 24-hour window of the Flex Flight Policy. Additionally, charges may be levied depending 

on the route of travel. 

Passengers with an Award Ticket are also entitled to make cancellation within the first 24-hours risk 

free period, post which $110 will be charged as cancellation fees. Ticket Value for Award Ticket will 

be transferred back to the passenger’s travel card for future use. 

Terms & Condition to know before cancelling your flight: 

-Passengers can make modifications up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight 

-Changes made by passengers can include origin and destination of flight, flights and service 


-Cancellation charges will not be charged by Spirit Airline if passengers cancel reservations for 

either death of relatives, theft of passport, Govt. orders, Illness or Military OR Court Orders.

Fees for changing a reservation with Spirit Airlines

Passengers can opt to make changes up to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure but will be 

charged a change fee. Depending on the number of days left before the scheduled departure of the 

flight, charge fee for passenger availing a change in dates, flight or class service are as follows: 


Passengers who opt for Flex Flight are entitled to a 1 time change in dates, flight and class service 

without having to pay a charge fee, however will be liable to pay the difference in price of the new 

reservation. No refunds will be made if in case the subsequent bookings value is lesser than the old 

fare price. 

Spirit Airlines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a get a refund if the Airlines Cancells My flight?

-In case of cancellations or delay of flight due to bad weather or technical difficulties the 

airlines will not deduct any cancellation fee 

Will i loose my Nonrefundable reservation if Spirit Airlines Cancels the flight?

-If Spirit cancels a flight, passenger will be offered reservations on the next flight from the 

same departure to destination 

What if the weather is bad and i decide not to fly?

-Passengers can also either reschedule, cancel or opt for a full refund in case flights get 

cancelled due to bad weather 

What if i make a reseration from a third party website of company, am i eligible for a refund?

-Bookings made off of unauthorized portals will not be entitled to a refund 

Is there a service fee for cancellation on top to the cancellation fees?

-Cancellations done online by passengers will save them $10, in comparison to other offline 


How long does the refund take?

-Refunds by the airlines might take up to 7 days for payments made with credit cards and up 

to 20 days for other modes of payment 

When is the best time to cancel a flight?

-Flex Flight passengers are also required to pay cancellation charges beyond the first 24-hour 

risk free period 

What is the charge for a standby flight?

-If the passenger wishes to stand-by for an earlier flight as the same day of the original 

scheduled flight a charge of $99 will be charged per person. Subsequent standby in case the 

flight is full will not incur any costs/charges 

Do i get any perks for being a Spirit Saver Dollar Club?

-Passengers enrolled with Spirits Saver$ Club can avail discounts, Shortcut Security and Flight 

Flex and also apply these discounts on up to 8 passengers 

Spirit Saver$ Club include Discounted rates on Fares, Bags, Flight Flex, Shortcut Security and 

Shortcut Boarding 

What is the Membership fees for Spirit Saver $ Club?

-Membership Fees to join Spirit Saver$ Club costs: $69.95 for a 12-month membership, 

$99.90 for an 18-month membership and $129.90 for a 24-month membership 

What are the charges for Oversized Bags?

-Overweight or Oversized bags may incur a penalty ranging from $35 to $150 

Is there an Extra charge for Group Booking?

-Group Bookings will incur $5 extra per passenger 

Is there any charges if i want the Shortcut Boarding Priority?

-Shortcut Boarding will cost an extra $5.99 per way per customer 

Is there any extra charge for Shortcut Security Boarding?

-Shortcut Security to cost an extra $15.


Guests can connect to Spirits Airline for help and reservations by: 

-Visiting the official site at and accessing the “My Trip” section 

-SMS on 48763 

-Whatsapp on 855-728-3555 

-Direct Message on Social Media 

-Connect a Call to 855-728-3555 

-Approaching a Service Agent at the airport 



Flying to your destination Economy or First Class with Spirit Airlines? We’ve got you covered! Here is
all you need to know about cancelling your reservation, refunds, reservations and other pointers
you’ll need to know before making your move.

Flex Flight Policy

For customer who wish to stay ready for anything that life throws at them, Spirit Airlines offers to
them Flex Flight. Starting at just $35 with Flex Flight passengers can now make
changes/modifications to their travel itinerary online anytime up to 24 hours before the flight’s
scheduled departure.
Customers can avail this option at the time of booking their flight tickets and use it to make up to 1
change for either their outbound or return journey.
Passenger who make subsequent changes to their travel itinerary shall be responsible to bear the
difference in price of the fare, fees and other govt. taxes where ever applicable.
-Flex Flight is only applicable for purchase at the time of booking and only through either the
official website or select agents
-For multiple reservation Flex Flight has to be applied to all passenger bookings
-For already pre-existing reservations Flex Flight cannot be applied
-Modification by the passenger not made within 24 hours despite having purchased Flex
Flight will result in charge of standard charge fees
-Flex Flight may not be available for all flights
Refundable Fares
To keep fares low for passenger Spirit Airlines unfortunately does not offer refundable tickets.
However, changes and cancellations can be made by passengers anytime via the official website at

How to Cancel Reservations?

Passengers who wish to get their reservations cancelled personally can do so by following these
given step:
-Visit the official Spirit Airlines website at and Sign-In
-Select the “Manage Booking” option
-Enter your “Booking Reservations ID” and “Last Name” in the provided space
-Passenger’s after this will be allowed the option to either “Cancel” OR “Modify” their flight
-From the given dropdown menu select the “Reason for Cancellation” as per applicability
It is advised to passengers to verify the mobile number and email ID provided for future contact and
status update on the cancellations and refund if applicable. Keep Refund Request Reference Number handy for future use.


A cancellation charge of up to $90 to $100+ will be charged by Spirit Airlines on all bookings that are
outside the 24-hour window of the Flex Flight Policy. Additionally, charges may be levied depending
on the route of travel.
Passengers with an Award Ticket are also entitled to make cancellation within the first 24-hours risk
free period, post which $110 will be charged as cancellation fees. Ticket Value for Award Ticket will
be transferred back to the passenger’s travel card for future use.

Terms & Condition to know before cancelling your flight:
-Passengers can make modification up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight
-Changes made by passengers can include origin and destination of flight, flights and service
-Cancellation charges will not be charged by Spirit Airline if passengers cancel reservations for
either death of relatives, theft of passport, Govt. orders, Illness or Military OR Court Orders

Passengers can opt to make changes up to 1 hour before the schedules flight departure but will be
charged a change fee. Depending on the number of days left before the scheduled departure of the
flight, charge fee for passenger availing a change in dates, flight or class service are as follows:

7 TO 14 DAYS
15 TO 59 DAYS
60+ DAYS

Passengers who opt for Flex Flight are entitled to a 1 time change in dates, flight and class service
without having to pay a charge fee, however will be liable to pay the difference in price of the new
reservation. No refunds will be made if in case the subsequent bookings value is lesser than the old
fare price.

Covid-19 Information

Under the current rules and regulations set up by Spirit Airlines for Covid-19, it is mandated for all
passengers above the age of 2 entering the US to furnish a Covid-19 negative report taken no later
than three days prior to the flight’s scheduled departure from the US. This policy is applicable from
26th January, 2021 henceforth.
It is reminded to passenger that the airport and airlines are subject to Federal Law and hence
mandated to wear proper face covering/masksat the airport and on the flights at all times. Policies
of the airlines will be modified subsequently in response to changes brought about by the Govt.


Spirit Airlines is committed to the safety of its patrons and fliers and hence provide:
At Airports: Kiosks for frequent cleaning of surfaces with wipes, Plexiglass dividers at all ticket
counters and gates, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers at Gates, Electro-Static Spraying at Gates and
In Flight: Face Covering for all crew-members, thorough cleaning of surfaces that come under
constant touch, use of HEPA filters for filtration of cabin Air, use of disinfectant fogging on all
surfaces inside the cabin
Fogging is done using two EPA approved treatments. HEPA Filter fitted Airbus that provide 99.97
filtration rate of contaminants, Crewmembers work closely with MedAire and keep active track of
infectous diseases, Social-Distancing measures have been ensured at all possible places,
EPA-approved disinfectants at all check-ins and gate areas have been installed and cleaning protocol
includes the use of anti-microbial and disinfectants that are all hospital-grade.
-Passenger are mandated by federal law to wear proper coverings at all times throughout the
vicinity of the airport, bridge and within the aircraft
-Face covering may only be taken off while taking medications, drinking or eating and must
be worn back immediately after
-All masks and face coverings are required to fit properly around the nose and chin and have
at least two layers of fabric. Bandana, Scarfs or coverings with mesh and valves will not be
deemed proper face coverings
-Face Shields may be worn in addition with proper masks but cannot be used as replacement
for proper masks as prescribed
-Passenger who fail to comply with the rules and regulations put in place for Covid-19 may
lose access and privileges to fly with the airlines in the future
-Only children below the age of 2 and people with disabilities may be exempted from this
-In case of cancellations or delay of flight due to bad weather or technical difficulties the
airlines will not deduct any cancellation fee
-If Spirit cancels a flight, passenger will be offered reservations on the next flight from the
same departure to destination
-Passengers can also either reschedule, cancel or opt for a full refund in case flights get
cancelled due to bad weather
-Bookings made off of unauthorized portals will not be entitled to a refund
-Cancellations done online by passengers will save them $10, in comparison to other offline
-Refunds by the airlines might take up to 7 days for payments made with credit cards and up
to 20 days for other modes of payment
-Flex Flight passengers are also required to pay cancellation charges beyond the first 24-hour
risk free period
-If the passenger wishes to stand-by for an earlier flight as the same day of the original
scheduled flight a charge of $99 will be charged per person. Subsequent standby in case the
flight is full will not incur any costs/charges
-Passengers enrolled with Spirits Saver$ Club can avail discounts, Shortcut Security and Flight
Flex and also apply these discounts on up to 8 passengers
-Spirit Saver$ Club include Discounted rates on Fares, Bags, Flight Flex, Shortcut Security and


Shortcut Boarding
-Membership Fees to join Spirit Saver$ Club costs: $69.95 for a 12-month membership,
$99.90 for an 18-month membership and $129.90 for a 24-month membership
-Overweight or Oversized bags may incur a penalty ranging from $35 to $150
-Group Bookings will incur $5 extra per passenger
-Shortcut Boarding will cost an extra $5.99 per way per customer
-Shortcut Security to cost an extra $15
Guests can connect to Spirits Airline for help and reservations by:
-Visiting the official site at and accessing the “My Trip” section
-SMS on 48763
-Whatsapp on 855-728-3555
-Direct Message on Social Media
-Connect a Call to 855-728-3555
-Approaching a Service Agent at the airport


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