Travel essential things you need to take on your road trip

Road trips, be it with family or friends are one fun ride and memories. Facing any inconveniences while traveling would be a buzz-kill. So to have the best of your road trip we’ve put together the Essential Things for travel that you will need to take on your road trip that will keep the car – and you – running smoothly.


License, registration, insurance, emergency contact numbers, and spare tire. A copy of your car insurance policy and the related emergency numbers. Hopefully, your insurance might not be needed, but keep a copy in the car just for emergencies. Your car’s manual is a must to take because you never know what light might refuse to turn off when you are out of the network range. Remember to check the condition of your spare tire before you journey off.


Car emergency kits namely Battery Booster Cables, Light Sticks, Reflective Vests, warning triangles, Whistles, Raincoats, Tire Pressure Gauges, Window Breaker etc. will have you covered for any possible event.


  1. Check out various available airlines
  • Paper Maps– Network service may not be accessible in many places and you can’t rely on google maps.
  • Maps Apps– maps can be downloaded for free and used even when there is no network around the area through this app.
  • Cash– cash is still used in many travel places and with the cell service down paying money via net banking may not be possible.
  • A notebook, pen, and pencil for either writing down your thoughts and experiences while the memory is still new and exciting.
  • First aid kit– consisting of band aids, bandages, emergency pills and even safety pins in case of any mishaps. Emergency rooms can be far away or being new to the place you might find it hard to find.
  • Flashlights– or emergency batteries to use when the car battery dies in the middle of the night.
  • Bug Spray– because bugs are no fun and they keep you up awake especially at night. So unless you want to say goodbye to a goodnight comfort sleep, remember to keep them in your backpack.
  • Water bottle – to stay hydrated and avoid going to the ER on a road trip, drink a lot of water but not too much that you would keep running to the public bathrooms
  • Toilet Roll – because many public bathrooms may not have an extra roll for you to use it at your comfort, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst.


  • A portable charger to keep your phone fully charged and connected to friends and family even while traveling is very vital.
  • To stay connected even while driving, a hands-free headset or Bluetooth is perfect.
  • An epic road trip playlist to jam into it and sing along to throughout the road trip. Do not forget to download them because the internet may not be accessible while on road.
  • DSLR cameras or instant cameras and USB chargers are a must for those who love taking aesthetic pictures.
  • Instant Camera is so much fun and easier as you can take many shots of the many places you would be seeing/visiting while on road and get instant results.
  • For those who still want to remain connected through social platforms, it would be wise to take a portable Wi-Fi device.
  • Taking a book or a magazine along with you to pass your time can be an option however for those with car sickness it is better to stay away from reading while traveling.
  • Families taking a road trip can have some family bonding time with the kids by playing games and jamming along to songs.


  • Sunglasses for both the driver and passenger, nobody likes to squint when they’re in the car.
  • Blanket or bed sheet to keep yourself warm especially as it’s most likely to get cold and windy during the day. We never know when there will be a sudden downpour.
  • Travel Pillow: To get a comfortable sleep because comfortable sleep equals a night of great sleep and you definitely need great sleep to remain energetic and lively throughout the road trip.
  • Travel Mug with seals or caps that are non-spill to drink hot as well as cold beverages even while on road plus it’s more hygienic for you and healthy for the environment.
  • UV Window Shade while driving down the highway with the sun on one side.
  • Hand sanitizer to keep yourself free from germs and communicable diseases because you do not want to catch a cold on the road.
  • Painkiller/Anti-Inflammatory Medicines for any discomfort your body may be facing as you would be on road especially muscle pain because trust me you will be straining your muscles to the limit.
  • Reusable Shopping bags for a quick drop to the convenience store to get more supplies while on road and to avoid using plastic bags. They occupy less space and can be re-used any time.
  • Mints to stay fresh. Well, your breaths need to smell fresh unless you want to talk to people in the car with bad breaths.
  • A Towel: Most motels provide towels but taking your own towel can be a lot handier and there’s no guarantee that you would find a motel every time you want to take a shower.
  • Flip Flops: Easy to wear and remove, also they are very light and comfortable to wear.


  • Toiletry Bag: A toilet bag is a basic need in order to put all the items below and keep everything close to hand in the same place.
  • Sun Screen: It is advised by skin experts that sunscreen should be used as long as the sun is out to protect the skin from any UV rays and well getting too tanned.
  • Body Wipes: For a quick cleaning without requiring water.
  • Lip balm:  Cracked lips are never fun. Do not forget to carry them in all your bags to stay on the safe side.
  • Mini hairbrush: You never know when you will need to detangle your frizzy hair.
  • Hair ties/Grips: The hair can get in your mouth and eyes while enroute and that’s never a comfortable feeling.
  • The Three T’s: Toiletries, Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Tissues: An essential that we all tend to always forget. Well, here’s a reminder, so keep them packed because you are going to need them.


Check out the following items in the list and grab the ones you think are going to be needed for the duration of the road trip you are planning to take.

  • Plastic/Garbage Bags: Because you don’t want your car to look like a garbage truck. Plastic bags can definitely help keep the wet clothes separate from the dry clothes too.
  • Snacks: Snacks are always good. In case hunger strikes in the middle of nowhere, snacks are emergency food saviours, so do not forget to pack a lot of them to keep you from getting angry (from hunger). Snacks are true travel essentials and the perfect road trip food!
  • Car Cooler: To keep your drinks and beverages or even Beer cold and refreshing to drink.
  • Pocket Knife: Keep them with you for any scenarios that may arise and have an adventurous down-the-road trip

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