Aeromexico has a set of cancellation policy and passengers are requested to go through this when you wish to make a cancellation. If you know this, you wouldn’t have to seek other’s help in many cases.


Passengers are given some options to choose from if your flight has been cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic. It will apply to all fare types which are basic fare, classic fare, AM+fare, comfort fare, flexible and premier fare.

You can rebook your flight for a new date with a new route free of charge. There will be no penalty at all and in some circumstances, you won’t even have to pay the fare difference.

Passengers will not have to pay fare difference in some circumstances if your newly booked reservation is within 14 days of your original flight.

Upon being cancelled, passengers can also opt to ask for a refund. The airline will try to process the refund in 12 months. If you want an electronic voucher instead, you will get 115% of your ticket value excluding tax.


Aeromexico doesn’t impose a cancellation fee for those passengers facing a extenuating circumstances. Those extenuating circumstances may include:

-Death in a family

-Medical or health issues

-Judicial acts or orders

-Military orders

-Government orders

-Issue related to your passport for example, stolen, lost, expired etc.

-Travel documents being deprived

-Issue with passport


Passengers are given an opportunity to cancel their reservation without any charges 24 hours within booking as long as the reservation is for at least 7 days or more before departure. Here, it doesn’t take into consideration whether your booking is a refundable or a non-refundable one, it applies to both. Please be informed that any refund made will be done to the account with which you paid for your ticket.

 Aeromexico gives a full refund under this 24-hour free cancellation policy if you booked your reservation through the airline reservation team or through their official website. This full refund policy will not apply to those bookings which are done through a third party.

After this 24-hour free cancellation policy, all tickets will be regarded as a non-refundable booking and therefore will not be eligible for a refund except Flexible and Premier Fare. Passengers can cancel their ticket 3 days before their departure. To be more detail, the refundability will depend on your fare type such as,

-Basic Fare: Non-refundable

-Classic Fare: Non-refundable

-AM+Fare: Non-refundable

-Comfort Fare: Non-refundable

-Flexible Fare: Free cancellation

-Premier Fare: Free cancellation


If a passenger wants a cancellation, he/she has to cancel before departure. If you fail to do so before your flight takes off, you will be marked as a no-show. And there is strictly a no refund policy for no-show. In other words, your whole ticket fare will be forfeited and there shall be no refund made to you. Therefore, passengers are requested to make sure to cancel before the deadline.


As stated above, for any voluntary cancellation after 24 hours of booking, passengers with basic fare, classic fare, AM+fare, and comfort fare will be charged a cancellation fee except for flexible and premier fare which are eligible for free cancellation at all times before departure.

In case of involuntary cancellation related to natural calamity, the airline is willing to make a cancellation for you with no penalty for both refundable and non-refundable booking.


If the airline delays or cancels your booking for any reason like bad weather, technical error, operation fault, strikes, government order, military order, etc. you will be given a different scheduled flight. If you are not fine with the schedule given to you by the airline, you can choose to change it for free or seek a refund instead.


Aeromexico makes full refunds for all tickets which are cancelled in 24 hours of booking and for flexible and premier fare after 24 hours of booking as well. For all refunds, the airline will make it to the account with which the passenger used to pay for the flight.

For some cancellation, the airline sometimes gives an airline credit or a voucher instead of a refund. The electric voucher or airline credit is worth 115 % of your ticket value excluding the taxes. This airline credit/voucher will be valid for 1 year and it is suggested to use the same in 330 days from the issuance date.

Passengers are suggested by the airline to make a request for a refund if you are eligible.

The time taken for refund will depend upon the mode of payment the passenger used. In general, the airline takes 7-10 business days to process the refund.


For both domestic and international flights, Aeromexico has given certain amounts to be charged as a cancellation fee based on your fare type.

For any cancellation made after the 24 hours free cancellation period, there will be a penalty between 100 USD to 500 USD.

For any cancellation made with 24 hours from the scheduled departure, there will be a penalty of 100 USD to 400 USD.


Passengers can make cancellations in a few ways. You can cancel it by yourself on the airline’s official website or app. You can also contact the airline’s reservation team to cancel it for you or you can simply cancel it through a third party with whom you booked your reservation.

If a passenger wants to cancel online or on app, we suggest you to follow these steps:

-First of all, log in

-Skip the login process if you already have the airline account

-Tap on the button “My Trip”/ “My Booking”

-Choose the booking which you want to cancel from the available flights

-Press on cancellation

-Confirm the cancellation from the pop–up message by clicking “Yes”

-After your trip is canceled, you can claim a refund if you are eligible

If you are eligible for a refund, you will get it in 7-10 business days according to your mode of payment and to the account with which you paid for your flight.

If you are cancelling by calling the airline, you need to call XXXXXXXXXXX. You will be asked for your confirmation code, first name and last name to verify your reservation. And there, you can simply tell the reservation team’s agent whoever is assisting you to cancel certain flights for you. And while you are at it, you can check with them if your ticket is eligible for a refund. You can ask them any doubts and query you have related to your ticket.

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