How to cancel British Airways Reservation

According to British airways cancellation policy, If you cancel your ticket 24 hours after the booking is made, you will have to pay the cancellation penalty. If the cancellation happens to be because of an improper reason, you will be charged a cancellation fee as per your fare. Whereas cancellations done due to unavoidable reasons like covid 19 restrictions, illness, etc will be given the leniency to be exempted from paying the cancellation fees.

However, British Airways would demand such passengers to provide the required documentation as per the cancellation policies. Passengers can initiate the cancellation of the tickets through telephone or online. Once you submit your cancellation request, you will be provided with the available options.

Passengers are expected to be aware of the British Airways cancellation policy before initiating the booking cancellation.


*Go  to the booking website and hit the ‘Log In’ or ‘Sign In’ tap and fill in with the British Airways login details. In case you forgot the credentials, hit the ‘Need Help Logging In?’ and you will be assisted to help you log in.

*British Airways follows a rule that the entered name must be the same as the name on the ticket.

*Click the option at the top of the page where it shows ‘ Flight/Hotel/ Car’ . You will now get the option of ‘Manage British Reservations’.

* Click the ‘British Airways Cancel Reservation’ link and after which you’ll have to hit the ‘Manage Reservation’ tap. You will again see the ‘British Airways Cancel Reservation’ where you need to click in order to proceed on with the cancellation process.

*Enter your booking confirmation number, first name, last name (the exact name on the ticket) and hit the ‘continue’ button.

*In case of a round trip ticket, the passenger will have to cancel the whole trip since partial cancellation is not permitted in such a booking. One way ticket enjoys the liberty to do so without a restriction.

*Passengers before the cancellation of the ticket can check whether the ticket is refundable or not by pressing on ‘Travel Funds’ tap. You will be able to see there whether or not the ticket is refundable.

* Complete the cancellation process by hitting on the ‘ Cancel My reservation’ button.

British Airways allows its cusotmers a 24 hour free cancellation

British Airways gives the liberty to cancel the ticket to passengers who had committed some error during the booking or due to changed travel plans   24 hours without any cancellation penalty. And the exact amount which was paid when the booking was made will be refunded. This applies to both refundable and non-refundable  tickets under any price range or any class of service.

British Airways Cancellation policy (Fees)

Business Class Cancellation fees

Passengers who booked the tickets in the Business Class are cautioned to read the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy before cancelling the reservation. The cancellation policy for the Business Class is different from other class cancellation policies. The cancellation penalty for the Business Class is slightly higher since the fare is more than that of the other classes. It is to be noted that the cancellation policy depends on the classes, fare, routes, etc.

Econmomy Cancellation fees

British Airways do not charge passengers who cancel the flight within a certain time limit the U.S. Department of Transport allow. Cancellation done 24 hours after the ticket is purchased will be charged the amount of $125 in domestic flights and $450 cancellation fees for international flights.Cancellation charges are excluded for those passengers who have purchased the fare add-ons. The cancellation fees will be decided upon the duration of cancellation by considering the departure time of flights.

British Airways No Show Policy

Passengers are expected to know that flights on your e-ticket receipt should only be used in sequence. It is required to notify us in advance if changes are to be made on the booked flights. If you fail to notify us and misses one of the flights, you will be marked “NO SHOW” which will, in turn, lead to the cancellation of the remaining unused flights. British Airways, thus, requires you to reach out if you need to make changes on all or part of the booking and the possible changes will be made for you by applying the Airlines’ fare rule.

British Airways Refund Policy

Passengers whose flights get cancelled or delayed may be eligible for a refund.

It is to be noted that there are refundable and non-refundable tickets. The refund is provided only to those passengers who have eligible flight tickets.

In order to claim the refund for the cancelled flight, passengers must provide proof of cancellation via text or email. After having done so,  you may enter the booking and personal details on the refund page and submit the request online. Passengers who have submitted the refund request will get the refundable amount in 6-7 business days.

If the flight is cancelled and rescheduled within 48 hours before the departure, a refund will be applied for the passengers automatically according to the Airline policy.

Tickets that are cancelled after 24 hours of purchase will be refunded after charging the cancellation penalty from the total fare and the refundable amount will be refunded to the passenger within one to three weeks (according to the respective banks).  

In case the WiFi which you paid for does not work during the flight, you may apply for a refund.

Cancelled or delayed flights

If a situation arises where you had to amend or cancel your travel plans, you may contact us to check out the options we have got to offer.

If your connecting flight which is booked under one booking reference number gets delayed or cancelled,

*You can get a set on the next available flight on the same route.

*You will be provided new boarding passes and, accommodation if necessary by the One World Support Team.

*In the case of a delayed connecting flight which was booked with a separate Airline, we will not be able to help. You will have to get in touch with the concerned Airline whom you made the booking with in this regard.

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