Review on Alaska Airlines Club 49 Program- Deals and Baggage Fee Benefits

Oriented towards the locals of Alaska, the Club 49 program by Alaska Airlines is strictly for residents of Alaska and is an attempt on their part to make travel cheaper and easier. The program ensures savings for passengers through various discounts and offers on baggage fee and also shipping. This article should help you get all the details you need for this generous membership program.


Alaskans due to the unique topography of the country have certain commutation needs that the airlines seek to aid in practical ways. The Club 49 program is a specialty program for Alaskan residents who have Mileage Plan Membership with the Airlines.

Alaska Airlines mileage plan: The mileage plan by Alaska air is a loyalty program that is free to subscribe to and is among the few existing loyalty plans today that provides base points on the basis of number of miles flown rather than on the amount of dollars spent. therefore, making it easier to accumulate more points in a shorter time. members usually join as elite members but eventually upgrade to mvp members with the amount of points passengers eventually carry. The loyalty plan in turn offers members perks like free upgrades, complimentary lounge days, free dedicated check-ins etc.

Benefits of joining club 49

By joining this program, fliers at Alaskan Airlines get the following benefits:

  • Two Free Checked Bags on specific routes
  • Shipping Discounts
  • Travel Discounts

TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS: Club 49 members on the same following reservation can avail the benefit of bringing two checked bags for free when travelling wither to or from Alaska with Alaska Airlines. On an average non-members/regular passenger without Club 49 membership usually pay $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second checked bag with certain rules and regulations. So, for people who have this membership can overtime save a lot of cash overtime.

  • This offer is applicable to all fliers within the same itinerary (up to 7 passengers). However, in case of group booking only passengers with Club49 membership get to avail this perk.
  • This perk can be availed by passenger on other partnering airlines as well: HorizonAir, PenAir (flights between Anchorage and Dutch Harbour) and SkyWest Airlines (for Flight Series 3440-3499).
  • Flights only to or from Alaska are eligible for this offer.
  • Passengers must have their Mileage Plan Number on reservation before checking in bags.
  • This offer is available with all of Alaska Airs partners but is only applicable for domestic and connecting flights only. Offer unfortunately will not be available with partnering airlines on international travel. 
  • Passengers can also get a free checked bag if they use an Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card.

TRAVEL NOW DISCOUNTS: As members of Club49 passengers will receive two Travel Now Discounts annually, up to 30% off for one-way travel in a Refundable Coach (YAS) fare. It is only applicable on flights to and from Alaska or domestic travels on Alaska Airlines, booked at least 4 days before departure.

  • Refundable Economy Flights with the discount may still be more expensive than the normal Base Economy Fare, passengers should check the difference of both properly to avail proper benefit
  • This perk can be availed by passenger on other partnering airlines as well: HorizonAir, PenAir (flights between Anchorage and Dutch Harbour) and SkyWest Airlines (for Flight Series 3440-3499).
  • The flight should be booked at least 4 days before the scheduled departure and must include at least one Alaskan city.
  • This perk is only applicable on one reservation only; separate booking has to be made to avail discounts for other reservations. Other Club49 members travelling together also have to get another separate reservation to avail discounts separately.
  • The Travel Now Discount Codes are available in the discount code section of the passenger’s account profile.
  • The deals page gets updated every Tuesday and Club49 members can check this page to find weekly deals. Members can also opt to subscribe or sign up for e-mail notifications to get the latest updates on deals.

FREIGHT FOR LESS: The latest addition to the benefit plan, this perk allows Club49 members when they to ship freight up to 100lbs for just $10 or for $40 otherwise without flying. This perk is especially useful for people staying in remote parts of Alaska that require Air shipping.

  • This perk is only available for Club 49 members above the age of 16
  • The perk is for freight carry within the state of Alaska only and is subject to all relevant Alaska Air Cargo Terms and Condition.
  • $10 shipping of 100lbs if the passenger is travelling with the cargo otherwise $40 for 100lbs if there is no passenger.
  • To avail the $10 for 100lbs freight benefit passengers should possess: a boarding pass for less than 24 hours from the day of the scheduled departure, proof of membership for Club 49 and a valid ID issued by the Government.
  • Cargo can be shipped within Alaska only to the same destination as the passenger.
  • Only one shipment per traveller, per one-way trip.
  • To avail the $40 shipping of 100lbs fright benefit the sender should be available at the time of tender and provide: proof of membership for Club 49 and a valid ID issued by the Government.
  • Cargo can only be shipped within the state of Alaska and only one shipment will be allowed per Club 49 member in one day.

Eligibility for club 49 membership

Eligibility Criteria for Club 49 membership with Alaska Airlines are as follows:

  • Has to be a resident of Alaska or military personnel that is permanently stationed in Alaska
  • Validation of residency is undertaken at the time of registration through state public records and requires customer consent for validation. (P.O Box numbers are also accepted)
  • It is mandatory for those who wish to avail Club 49 membership to have an active Mileage Plan account.
  • Eligibility for the membership will be revalidated every year on the original date of enrolment.
  • Alaska Airlines will revalidate eligibility automatically and will enrol members automatically, in case of inability members will be required to re-enrol
  • Children below the age of 13 cannot be enrolled for Club 49 membership online, but can enrol through 1-800-252-7522 between 5 A.M. to Midnight.

Constituent fares

Alaska State Legislators and Government Agencies get another offer that allows Club 49 members 30% discount on flights to the annual legislative session. This discounts are available on purchases made 7 days or 3 days in advance.

The discount codes are sent to Club49 members via email each year ahead of the start of the legislative session i.e. mid-January. It is only for Club 49 members that live outside the Juneau area. The discount codes can be automatically loaded on to your profile by pressing the “Redeem” button provided in the email.

  • In accordance with the global health condition and COVID-19 health concerns as legislative offices will not be open to the public, the Constituent Fare Program have been temporarily put on hold. It will resume as new guidelines are released after situation changes.

Terms and conditions

  • Seats are limited and may not be available for all flights on all days.
  • Tickets require at least 14 days.
  • Air tickets booked through an Alaska Airlines airport or through reservation call centres will cost $15 more per person than as advertised.
  • Additional fares for the free baggage may apply if baggage is overweight or oversized.
  • Passengers are responsible for all other subsequent taxes and fee.
  • All fares, fees and taxes are subject to getting doubled on round trips.
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