Volaris Airlines, Top Phoenix Attractions


Heart Museum

The Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix is an exceptional institution highlighting the heritage of American Indian tribes in the Southwest. Notable for its quality exhibits, including an unmatched collection of Hopi kachinas, the museum delves into the controversial boarding school experience. Visitors can explore art galleries, creative kids’ exhibits, and attend events like Indian fairs. Free guided tours enhance the experience in this easily accessible location via Valley Metro light rail at Encanto/Central Ave. With a duration of about two to three hours, the museum also offers free parking and a well-stocked bookstore and gift shop.

Children's Museum of Phoenix

A delightful and family-friendly attraction in downtown Phoenix. Geared towards children, the museum offers a unique and interactive experience, making it an excellent destination for families traveling with kids. The museum’s hands-on exhibits and creative play areas provide a fun and educational break for young ones, offering a chance for them to learn but also fosters a unique bonding experience between children and their parents. First Friday of each month from 5pm to 9pm, when the Children’s Museum of Phoenix opens to the public free of charge.

Phoenix Zoo

Located in Papago Park, is a renowned tourist attraction offering a captivating and immersive wildlife experience. Home to over 3,000 animals representing various species from around the world, the zoo provides engaging exhibits such as the Tropics Trail, Africa Trail, and the Children’s Trail. Notably, the zoo’s unique Safari Train adds an exciting dimension to the visit, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely ride around the park for close-up views of exhibits and animals. As one of the largest privately-owned, non-profit zoos in the U.S., the Phoenix Zoo is not only a fun destination for families but also emphasizes conservation and education, making it a well-rounded and enriching experience for all.


The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)

Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), located in North Phoenix, 20 miles north of downtown Phoenix, just off highway 101 is a globally acclaimed institution celebrating musical diversity. With over 15,000 instruments from around the world, MIM offers an interactive journey through the evolution of music, showcasing the cultural and historical context of each piece. The museum features multimedia displays, allowing visitors to experience the sounds of the instruments. MIM also hosts live performances, educational programs, and workshops, making it a dynamic destination for music enthusiasts. 


The Desert Botanical Garden

A premier destination renowned for its captivating display and preservation of desert plant life. Spanning 140 acres in Papago Park, the garden houses over 50,000 arid-adapted plants from various global desert regions. Visitors can explore themed gardens like the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail, offering a unique insight into desert flora. The garden’s striking beauty, seasonal events, art exhibitions, and educational programs make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and tourists seeking an immersive and educational experience.

Arizona Science Center

Embark on a captivating journey of discovery at the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix. This popular tourist spot invites you to dive into interactive exhibits that make science come alive. From mind-bending physics to the wonders of biology, and even a cosmic experience in the planetarium, the center promises an exciting exploration for visitors of all ages. Engage in thrilling demonstrations and educational programs, offering a unique and entertaining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s an ideal destination for families, students, and anyone curious to unlock the secrets of the world around us.

Grand Canyon

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. Carved by the Colorado River, its breathtaking rock formations and panoramic vistas make it a must-see destination. Explore the open-year-round South Rim or the quieter North Rim in warmer months. Hike iconic trails like Bright Angel or get a thrilling view from the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Join millions who’ve marveled at this natural wonder, where every sunrise and sunset transforms the canyon into a magical spectacle.

Hot Air Balloon Flight and Centipede Tour

Embark on a mesmerizing morning hot air balloon flight over the picturesque landscapes of Phoenix. Drift gracefully above the city and its surroundings, taking in breathtaking views of the desert landscape and iconic landmarks. Following this enchanting experience, join a centipede tour to explore Phoenix from a different perspective. Travel in a unique, open-air vehicle, discovering the city’s vibrant culture and hidden gems. This combination of a serene hot air balloon ride and an adventurous centipede tour ensures an unforgettable and diverse exploration of Phoenix, offering both tranquility and excitement for your memorable tourist experience.

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